I’m a big fan of short naps.  When I can work them in I feel better and get more done.  Long naps aren’t as effective, as I wake with a “sleep hangover.”  See Famous Nappers: 8 Men Who Napped for some interesting stories.

What is your view on naps?

6 thoughts on “Naps!”

  1. I love naps! For me there is no such things as too long of a nap. My biggest napping day is Sunday. I get home from worship, eat, and then sleep sometimes until time for evening services!

    Saturdays are big napping days too. LOVE NAPS


  2. Yes, I’m a fan of naps as well and know that I will accomplish more in the afternoon if I have had one at lunch.

    I wasn’t surprised to find that Winston Churchill was number one on the list. He learned about the siesta while covering the Spanish-American War as a war correspondant. 🙂


    1. I prefer 20-25 min. or so. I can do it sitting in a chair at lunch with my office door closed (I can’t do it every day, but when I can it helps!). I think it was Thomas Edison who would hold something in his hands while napping in a chair. When he got into a deeper sleep they would fall out and wake him up. I don’t do that but I think the principle is sound (i.e., shorter naps that don’t lead to deep sleep).


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