I’ve been getting lots of traffic on this older post: Wendy Wright schools Richard Dawkins.  For some reason it was mentioned on a Facebook page (but I can’t tell from where) and  fallacious comments poured in from Darwin fans.  Feel free to read the post and the recent comments and feel sad (about the education/mainstream media/entertainment brainwashing that led to this) or glad (about how well the Christian worldview stacks up against those false views and how Dawkins is a self-parody).  It is leading to quite a few views of the minimal facts approach to apologetics, so that is good!

Good things to remember if you are going on mission trips.  If you don’t have an effective plan you are wasting time and money, and may be doing things that are counterproductive to the Kingdom.   I actually had to persuade people at my former church that we should prepare people to share the Gospel as part of the training for missions (of course, they should do that anyway, even if they don’t go on mission trips).  It was predictable that they judged the speaker for judging.

This should be good: “Darwin’s Doubt” — Game-Changing New Book by Stephen Meyer To Be Released in June — That oughta get the Darwin fans excited – in a bad way.

The book’s official website is now live. Go there to pre-order your copy now — do so by April 30th, and receive 43% off and receive four bonus digital books. As someone who has read the book, I can assure you: This is a book not to be missed. If you thought Signature in the Cell was ground-breaking, wait till you get a hold of this.

There is a special term for Republicans who endorse government recognition of “same-sex marriage” — Democrats  (RINO just isn’t strong enough)

The 12 worst party schools in the country — consider going to one of these!

From the Moral Schizophrenia category: Puppies aborted, pro-choicer laments

I’m Sure Glad Our Government Is Not Making Withdrawals From OUR Bank Accounts (Evil Laugh) — Excellent point about how our government is robbing us just as the government of Cyprus tried to rob investors there.  The only difference is that our government is more subtle, using inflationary money printing to do the job — and the media and politicians let them get away with it.

Teacher booted from Portland School District after protracted battle with Planned Parenthood — a great teacher was hounded then fired for daring to disagree with the moral freaks at  Planned Parenthood who kill babies for a living, hide statutory rape and poison and so much more.

Speaking of PP, here’s an update to my summary post on them. They aggressively promote filth to youth.  Watch the videos if you have the stomach for them, and remember that they are marketed to children with your tax dollars.  They assume that every relationship will involve sex and that you will go from one sex relationship to another.  They pretend that people will actually follow their advice (Yeah, sure, people will always use condoms for oral sex.  Because kids and gays would never rebel and break any safe sex rules!).

Great article about the false argument that kids must be in public schools to be properly socialized.

“Preparing” your child for such a world is a euphemism for condemning him to life as a citizen of progressive hell. If mankind is to have a rational, moral future, that future will ultimately belong not to the damaged survivors of public school, but to the “unprepared” and “maladjusted,” namely the bug-studiers, stargazers, and bookworms: those whose intellects and character were permitted to develop naturally, with curiosity, not fear, as their impetus, and self-sufficient adulthood, not “socialization,” as their goal.

Something has gone terribly wrong with the modern world, and public education is at the heart of the problem. The solution will not and cannot come from a publicly educated population. Begin the process of liberating children’s souls now, so that in the future there will once again be Thomas Jeffersons and Benjamin Franklins to do what will need to be done.

How to change the world – Pro-aborts hate when pictures or videos of abortions are shown, and for good reason: They change hearts and minds.

Great summary of the problems with the History Channel Bible movie. Hat tip: Glenn

Capitalism has its rough edges, but it is far, far better than any other -ism ever considered.  Free markets, the rule of law and private property ownership (all supported by both the Old and New Testaments) do more to reduce poverty than any counterproductive program ever dreamed up by the Left.

9 thoughts on “Roundup”

  1. Another great roundup!

    Long ago I had subscribed to the comment string about Wendy Wright and Dawkins, so I have been getting all the comments. I am amazed at just how ignorant evolutionists are of their own religion!

    The “missions” video is excellent, and I’m sure you noticed I posted it on FB. This is my major complaint about sending teens on all these vacation trips at the expense of those in the congregations who support them.

    As for the last one, I think Charles Schultz would be proud.


    1. Thanks! You just can’t make the evos up. I’m surprised no one accused me of pretending to be them and making silly comments to make them look bad.

      I feel like Captain Obvious on the missions thing, but if they are well-planned then they can be great for any ages. It lets people see how much of the world lives, gets the Gospel out, builds relationships, supports brothers and sisters in Christ, gives an opportunity to ensure that donations are being used effectively to serve others, etc. But if not planned well they are a waste of time and money at best and counterproductive at worst.


    2. One thing our former church did well was to send kids to poor communities in the state and build wheelchair ramps, fix roofs, etc. In Texas. In the Summer. Long days of hard work. Definitely not a vacation.


  2. I don’t like the quote by Williams about capitalism. Don’t get me wrong, I am a capitalist, I do not think socialism or communism will work. But capitalism does not inherently stop or reduce looting, plundering, or enslaving. And, the quote implies that our motivation for serving others is to amass wealth. The bottom line is, a capitalistic system is only as moral as the capitalists who run it–which is also true of any other economic system.


    1. I agree that you want to have a moral foundation with capitalism. But the rule of law, private property and free trade are part of that foundation. With those in place — and a system that punishes bribes and such — it is the best system that recognizes our sinful natures and does the best job of minimizing their effects. If you cheat, then people will stop doing business with you. If you serve others well — whether for your personal gain (feeding your family) or because you are being loving — you will generally prosper.


      1. I would argue that capitalism, like liberty itself, is an economic system only befitting a moral people. Socialism, as I see it, is the transitional phase of capitalism turning communism in a society that has lost its moral compass.


  3. It’s too bad those teenagers were too scared to preach the gospel there. Hollywood Blvd would be a great place to proclaim the truth. If I was the director I would stick to service-type trips so they don’t turn in to sight-seeing trips.


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