Ancient Myths vs. the Bible – Does the Bible mirror the myths of other religions?  Not at all.  It is radically different at every turn.  See the link for more.

  • Cyclical time: there is a lack of definite beginning and no clear direction to reality (with no one to give it direction). The Bible speaks of history with a beginning, with progress, and with a destination.
  • Nature symbolizing the divine. The Bible specifically rejects this.
  • The significance of magic, specifically the use of ritual and/or manipulations of matter to cause predictable results in the realm of deity. This, too, is nowhere to be found in biblical religion.
  • Obsession with fertility and potency, often expressed in religious (temple-based, even) prostitution of every base description. God is not sexual, nor is the religion he revealed.
  • Polytheism: obviously not the case for biblical theism.
  • The use of images in worship: expressly forbidden in the Ten Commandments.
  • Eternity of chaotic matter: see above; not so in the Bible.
  • Low view of the gods, who are more powerful than humans but no better ethically; the Bible depicts God as perfectly holy, just, loving, and righteous.

Bill Maher: Job creator – Mugged by reality.

While discussing the latest budget proposal by Republican Representative Paul Ryan with his guests, Maher said on his show last Friday night of taxes, that rich people “actually do pay the freight in this country”:

“I just saw these statistics,” (Maher) continued, “I mean, something like 70 percent. And here in California, I just want to say liberals – you could actually lose me. It’s outrageous what we’re paying – over 50 percent. I’m willing to pay my share, but yeah, it’s ridiculous.”

For a – gasp – liberal to rail against taxes – the very backbone of the coercive government that particular crowd typically trumpets, well that’s a feeding frenzy invite to both ends of the political spectrum. What’s really noteworthy is that no matter if it was flagged as sacrilege or hoisted as truth to power, the media, bloggers, pundits and others all latched onto Maher’s phrase, “Liberals – you could actually lose me”.

Where’s Luca Brasi when you need him? – Ann Coulter points out how Republicans could win much more easily if they stuck to their principles, made a few less stupid (and easily preventable mistakes) and didn’t re-run so many losing (and loser – i.e., Sanford) candidates.

Senate Republicans Willfully and Knowingly Lie to Their Constituents – They should be replaced for not opposing the funding of Obamacare, and especially for lying about it. 

Quick, Cut to a Commercial!

Look how quickly liberal establishment mouthpiece Bob Schieffer cuts to a commercial when fellow moonbats Sally Quinn and Carl Bernstein let the cat out of the bag regarding the extent to which homosexuals have infiltrated the Catholic Church . . .

Oops. We wouldn’t want any any of the little people out there in TV Land to put two and two together regarding the pedophile priest problem.

It is always amusing seeing these types pretending to care about the relevancy of the Catholic organization.

Epic Pro-2nd Amendment Testimony In Connecticut – I wish more people spoke out like this and that the media covered it more.

“I can’t for the life of me understand how this state can have as many gun laws on the books as it does and have members of its Legislature need to take firearms 101. And as far as what I felt were potshots taken at the NRA, they’ve done more for gun safety– they’ll do more for gun safety this weekend than this committee will do in your careers.”

Prior to Sandy Hook, Connecticut had some of the most draconian, restrictive gun laws in the nation.

“Adam Lanza commits a crime, and I’m here to gr0vel and plead for my rights and explain to you that my firearms are kept safely?” he asked rhetorically. “I keep hearing the word “solution”… you’re not going to find a solution, it doesn’t exist. You can’t find a broad brush  solution to evil.

An important point. People who want to kill will find a way. Who thought a bunch of Islamists would be able to hijack 4 planes with box cutters and do what they did? Lanza had his plan in the works for a long time. He had an intricate plan, including a 7 foot long score sheet based on the video games he played, to kill school children, because Sandy Hook was an easy target allowing the most carnage. Maybe draconian laws stop someone like Lanza from getting a gun legally. Unfortunately, he’s a criminal, and will get one elsewhere, or perhaps use a bomb. Fertilizer and diesel fuel are easy to obtain. After Tim McVeigh, were those products restricted?

After spending $1.5m to find out why lesbians are fat, now they spend $2.7 million to study lesbians who drink too much.  I could have saved them some money: People whose identify is based completely on rebellion against God’s created order are much more likely to need to anesthetize themselves against reality.

5 thoughts on “Roundup”

  1. Nor has Obama nor any of the other liberal mouthpieces decried the deaths of babies born alive and murdered by Kermit Gosnell and his employees.


  2. I hate to split a hair, but—

    “The significance of magic, specifically the use of ritual and/or manipulations of matter to cause predictable results in the realm of deity. This, too, is nowhere to be found in biblical religion.”

    Or rather, it is right there in the Bible, which says, Don’t do that!

    “The use of images in worship: expressly forbidden in the Ten Commandments.”

    Then I guess we’d better throw away all the beautiful stained glass, sculptures, and other art that the church has produced over the centuries? But no—the commandment is that we shall not worship images, not that we cannot make them. In fact, around the same time that He gave us the Ten Commandments, the Lord Himself also commanded that scultures of angels be made, to adorn His own seat on the Ark of the Covenant (Exodus 25:17-22).


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