Shameless plug time!

If you have several seconds of spare time and want to help my daughter and future son-in-law win something for their wedding — and I’m pretty sure you do 😉 — please click here then click Like on their picture.

I, in turn, promise to click on at least one legal, moral and non-Liberal thing at your future request. And I’m not just saying that!

Many thanks to those of you who have already done so!

5 thoughts on “Shameless plug time!”

  1. It was a nice pic and if I had seen it I would have “Liked” anyway. 🙂 Well, I have another Ed Welch book review coming out on the Biblical Counseling Coalition blog & Facebook in a couple weeks. I suppose you could always “Like” that! (The title of the book is “What Do You Think of Me? Why Should I Care?”, ironically enough). 😀


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