This where some business experience would help politicians

If more politicians had business experience it might help solve more problems.  Yes, the Dilbert comic exists for a reason, but I would side with the logic and success of the business world over politicians any day.  Because in business you have to actually solve problems or you lose (money, market share, jobs).  Blaming your predecessor  — for 4 years running, no less – would get you laughed out of the room.

So when you are working on a problem you have to at least ask yourself if your proposed solution would have prevented previous occurrences.  Sounds simple, right?  But many of the anti-gun laws being proposed don’t even come close.  Their logic goes like this:

A. The Sandy Hook deaths were terrible, and guns were involved.

B. Therefore, any laws restricting guns will help prevent future tragedies.

That is their logic, and it is an obvious fail.  Even if the new laws magically confiscated every gun in the country – including those of Chicago gang members – it doesn’t mean that the murderer would have just skipped his successful attention-getting plan.  He could have used any number of means to kill children – knives, bombs, etc.

So any effective solutions must consider how the victims could have been protected, or how the criminal – who broke at least 40 laws – could have been institutionalized.

Or do these politicians know this already and are just taking advantage of the poor critical thinking skills of those who swallow whatever the media tells them?  Whether it is a malicious gun grab or just bad reasoning, they could use a dose of business sense.

4 thoughts on “This where some business experience would help politicians”

  1. Never mind the guns….I think Obama should be asked – by someone other than his butt kissing White House press corps – why his economic policies haven’t gotten us out of the gutter. Even if it really was all Bush’s fault, he’s had four years. That should be more than enough time to see substantial improvement.

    As you say, in the business world, results are mandatory. In politics, they’re optional. I’m beginning to see why Barack Obama has never held a private sector job. Nobody would hire him for one, or if they did, he wouldn’t last long.


  2. Ironically, because of the Sandy Hook tragedy, the other story of that same day got missed almost entirely. A man stabbed 24 school children in China. Oh, wait. Stabbed. Never mind. Non-story.


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