Unlikely common ground

One of the few things that nearly everyone agrees upon — conservatives and liberals alike — is that the sex-slave trade is immoral and should be stopped.  There are a few liberal extremists that try to argue that prostitution is somehow empowering for women, but even most of them agree that kidnapping people or tricking them into slavery is wrong.

So what should be done?  Here are some ideas:

Reduce the supply

1. Institute the death penalty for slave traders.  Hey, it was good enough for the Israelite theocracy!

Exodus 21:16 “Whoever steals a man and sells him, and anyone found in possession of him, shall be put to death.”

Seriously, there needs to be some serious consequences for something so evil.  Put a few of them to death and that would save countless people from becoming slaves.  Or at least make it life without parole.

2. Increase education for at-risk groups, so they know the scams the traders use (i.e., offering jobs as nannies in other countries, then taking their passports).

3. Expose and de-fund Planned Parenthood, because they systematically hide statutory rape and sex trafficking.

Reduce the demand

1. Publicize the names and pictures of the customers and punish them.

2. Reduce access to pornography, which certainly fuels the demand for these girls.

5 thoughts on “Unlikely common ground”

  1. Some good ideas to be sure. However, I have a problem with capital punishment for any less than the taking of a life. That is, the literal taking of a life (murder). Fortunately, it is likely that a trafficker has done such a thing in connection to his trade, so there should be some trail of evidence connecting him to the death of a woman or girl he has compromised.


    1. In pondering the sentences handed down in the Bible for the various crimes, I’ve noticed a trend: basically, if you can make reparations, you do; if not, you pay with your own body or even your own life. If you stole something, you pay it back with interest; if you harm a person’s body, that part of your body is harmed or made useless (an eye for an eye). But if you “steal” a person’s life or sexual innocence or body to sell into slavery, you can’t “give back” the time and human dignity taken even if the person eventually escapes from slavery or is not killed in the rape. What you took is gone forever, and you can’t “give it back” or make reparations.

      Capital punishment also shows how serious the offense is, and makes the person who considers committing such a crime think very seriously whether the benefit he might gain is worth the risk to his own life. And since these were the laws that God instituted, I don’t dare say that I have a problem with them. Plus, when you consider the living hell that these sex slaves are forced to live in (and many are probably killed, directly or indirectly because of the slavery), I don’t think that giving up one’s own life is too great a punishment for the crime.


  2. Customers of these trafficked women should be conviced of rape. After all, the woman (or girl, in many cases) wasn’t consenting. She was under duress. Thus, the man who used her was raping her. He paid someone to force her to have sex with him. Forget fines and embarrassment, put him in jail.


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