Retirement ministry ideas

Hey all you Christian apologists, here’s something you can work in your schedule when you retire: Take college philosophy or science classes where the professors have an agenda to bully Christian students and spread their false views.  You could be good ambassadors for Christ by graciously exposing their impure motives and errors.

We know from the movie Expelled! and countless other examples how many professors aggressively work their false, anti-Christian worldviews into their classes.  A family friend was taking a philosophy class at a local junior college and the teacher launched into an anti-God tirade the first day.

So wouldn’t it be enjoyable and productive to be in those classes and destroy their arguments?  It sounds almost biblical:

2 Corinthians 10:5 We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ

Seriously, apologists could go in and be polite but firm in refuting what the professors say.  It wouldn’t take long for them to go back to teaching the actual subject material — you know, the thing they are paid to do.  And who knows, if you go in as good ambassadors it might just change the professors’ minds.

Christians never retire.  Whatever you do after you stop working for a paycheck, strive to advance the kingdom. (Of course you should serve in many ways while you are working, but you probably don’t have the flexibility to take daytime college classes.)

8 thoughts on “Retirement ministry ideas”

  1. I can’t afford taking classes, but since I work at a university, I get to engage many professors anyway, and their students. Still, the idea of “retirement” doesn’t come from the Bible. The idea that “My work is finished here; now I can do nothing” isn’t in there. There are all sorts of ministries to get into when you’re no longer working at a job for income. I heard about one (who, by the way, was a professor) who, when he retired, decided, “Hey, what’s the worst that can happen at my age?” and went to a deeply Muslim country to share the Gospel. He died for it. I can only hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”


  2. Older people also have more confidence and surety than do undergraduates – and aren’t relying on professor’s good will to get a research position, a recommendation for grad school, or a job.


  3. I decided to be an Ex Christian, I don’t want to read the Bible anymore, reading the Bible makes me depressed. I really can sense that Jesus will reject me and I will never be a child of God anymore. If Jesus decided to send me to Hell forever because I fail to follow him. Then I will not enjoy my life anymore, I will not talk to Jesus anymore, I will end up to stay with Ixtab Goddess of Suicide forever and forever. I am very very very very sad. nobody will help me at all, even Jesus will abandon me forever.


  4. Christians are hypocrites, Christianity opens the door to the devil. Jesus is not God of Christianity, Jesus is God of people. Let me alone to escape from my slavery to this nauseous primitive religion, Christianity.


    1. Ross, you are now in moderation for getting off track and staying there. If you ever post anything relevant I’ll approve, but otherwise please save your keystrokes.


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