The two best ways to love your family and save a ton of money

1. Keep yourself fit.

2. Work on your marriage.

Seriously.  There are a lot of great money management ideas out there, but those two will make the most difference.

If you keep yourself fit — and I don’t mean tri-athlete fit, just moderate exercise/eat fairly well/don’t abuse alcohol and drugs type fit — you will save massive amounts of money on health care.  If you haven’t already figured it out, Obamacare will be a disaster for this country, with higher costs and worse care.  You can’t avoid some illnesses, but you’d be surprised how many things you can prevent.  Just do some kind of exercise/activities you enjoy and eat decently (eat a little less, eat a little healthier).

And you won’t just save money, you’ll be loving your family.  And you’ll feel better and work better.  Who would want to unnecessarily burden their spouse and kids with their health problems?

And if you work on your marriage you’ll prevent a divorce, which would cost you dearly. I was teaching a Sunday School class on the Fireproof movie once and asked how many couple have so much extra money that they could afford a second household.  No hands were raised.

And this isn’t just for young couples.  I have seen far too many couples divorce who had been married 20+ years.  If you get complacent things could unravel.  Plan ahead for empty nests and ensure that you still have common interests.  Ballroom dancing has been great for us, but it doesn’t matter if it is motor cycling, bowling, or whatever.  Just do something together regularly that you both enjoy.

So spend some time on your marriage and save big.  More importantly, that is the best thing you can do to show love to your spouse and your kids.

4 thoughts on “The two best ways to love your family and save a ton of money”

  1. It’s funny – people will rationalise all sorts of selfish, destructive behaviour as “good for the family” – “My kids will be happier if they know that I’m happy, which totally means that I have to bring random guys back to the house!” But the things that are actually good for the family are the boring things that Hollywood doesn’t glamourise – keep yourself healthy, exercise, spend time with your spouse, etc.


      1. In a sort of distant connection to that, I was thinking about the plot line in Downton Abby where the butler, and Anna the housemade were falling in love even though the butler was still married. We were not rooting for him to restore his marriage, but get rid of the harpy so he could be happy in love with Anna. Just struck me as odd that it took three seasons for me to figure that out.


    1. At a prison ministry training meeting today a story was shared about a prisoner whose mom kicked him out of the house at 15. Why? Because one of her many live-in boyfriends viewed the child as an enemy. While there are many terrific step-parents, there are countless bad ones. And the mothers often choose the temporary boyfriend over her children.


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