A review of Stop Asking Jesus into Your Heart (go there to see how to win a free copy)


This little book packs the punch and is one of the best pastoral and practical treatments I have seen on how to know whether or not you are a Christian.

In the church today, scores of pew-sitters are confident they have eternal life because of a few words they prayed when they were five years old. Others sincere believers battle tooth-and-nail wondering where they’ll end up after their last breath. In this helpful book, Greear biblically, wisely, personally, practically, and humorously helps us understand what conversion and salvation are all about.

Greear primarily writes to two main people: 1) those who think they are going to heaven simply because they prayed a prayer; and 2) those who wonder if their “sinner’s prayer” will really be enough for them to walk through heaven’s gates. The problem, says Greear, is that evangelical shorthand for the gospel is, simply, not gospel. Telling someone to “ask Jesus into your heart” or “accept Jesus as Lord and Savior” is simply not how the Bible points us to seek salvation (7). Hold your horses, however, if you think the book is a 128-page rant against the “sinner’s prayer.” Greear does not think the sinner’s prayer or saying, “ask Jesus into your heart” is heretical, and he even admits it might be one correct way to speak of salvation. Yet, his “concern is not on what words or actions we might use to express our faith in Christ but that we don’t substitute those words or actions for repentance and faith” in Jesus (9). In other words, the “sinner’s prayer” is not a ritual transaction between us and Jesus to get our names on heaven’s attendance list.

Contrary to popular opinion, God does want people to have assurance (ch. 2), and in order to obtain assurance, we must honestly examine our response to the gospel. Those who trust in the finished work of Christ as their only hope have eternal life. Cased closed. “If you base your assurance on what you do or how well you do it, you’ll never find assurance,” Greear writes. “If your assurance is based on what Christ has done, however, you can rest in His performance” (38).

The proper, saving response to Christ is summarized as “repentance” and “belief” in the gospel (see Acts 2:38).

36 purposes of God in our suffering — here’s part of the list.

Joni Eareckson Tada knows hardship firsthand and shares her experiences and reflections on suffering in many of her books. The following is an appendix from her book When God Weeps: Why Our Sufferings Matter to the Almighty.

  1. Suffering is used to increase our awareness of the sustaining power of God to whom we owe our sustenance (Ps 68:19).
  2. God uses suffering to refine, perfect, strengthen, and keep us from falling (Ps 66:8-9; Heb 2:10).
  3. Suffering allows the life of Christ to be manifested in our mortal flesh (2 Cor 4:7-11).
  4. Suffering bankrupts us, making us dependent upon God (2 Cor 12:9).
  5. Suffering teaches us humility (2 Cor 12:7).
  6. Suffering imparts the mind of Christ (Phil 2:1-11).
  7. Suffering teaches us that God is more concerned about character than comfort (Rom 5:3-4; Heb 12:10-11).

5 Tenets of Financial Independence – click the link for more details. This site has a lot of good money management tips.

  1. You are free from debt and don’t expect to face in any in the future.
  2. You spend significantly less than you earn.
  3. You don’t rely on family members or friends for income, earning it only through your work.
  4. If you were to lose your primary employment, your family would survive for an extended period of time without significant lifestyle change.
  5. You have a skill set that you can immediately apply in a variety of fields.

Bart Ehrman makes a nice living off his “ex-Christian” status, which for some reason gets lots more media play than all the ex-atheists on our side. Here is a great site addressing Ehrman’s errors.

Apparently brainstorming doesn’t work that well . . .

But there is a problem with brainstorming. It doesn’t work.

The first empirical test of Osborn’s brainstorming technique was performed at Yale University, in 1958. Forty-eight male undergraduates were divided into twelve groups and given a series of creative puzzles. The groups were instructed to follow Osborn’s guidelines. As a control sample, the scientists gave the same puzzles to forty-eight students working by themselves. The results were a sobering refutation of Osborn. The solo students came up with roughly twice as many solutions as the brainstorming groups, and a panel of judges deemed their solutions more “feasible” and “effective.” Brainstorming didn’t unleash the potential of the group, but rather made each individual less creative. Although the findings did nothing to hurt brainstorming’s popularity, numerous follow-up studies have come to the same conclusion. Keith Sawyer, a psychologist at Washington University, has summarized the science: “Decades of research have consistently shown that brainstorming groups think of far fewer ideas than the same number of people who work alone and later pool their ideas.

New study confirms economy was destroyed by Democrat policies – Yes, it was the race-baiting housing changes, among other things, that caused the downfall. And even if it had been Bush’s fault, Obama is in year #5 and still making things worse.

Diabetes by the numbers

The saddest part is that 90% of diabetes cases are “type 2″, which for the most part are preventable. America is eating so poorly that our obesity problem is becoming a diabesity epidemic. 79 million Americans are pre-diabetic, which means that in a few years they may find themselves reliant on expensive medication and insulin, and at higher risks for heart disease, kidney failure, blindness, and amputations.

The good news is that with proper diet and even modest weight loss, most people can keep diabetes away. And Fooducate is here to help you, with a newly released app in collaboration with Sanofi Diabetes.

Athens woman slit infant’s throat after giving birth – Gruesome, to be sure, but as long as the umbilical cord hadn’t been cut then it would fit in perfectly with the “bodily autonomy” pro-abortion argument.

Many people will recall the Duke Lacrosse case, which was a media sensation but blew up when the rape allegations were false. Yet how many know about this true story of the Gay Duke University Official Who Offered Adopted Child for Sex:

As you’ll recall, when a drunken prostitute made false rape accusations against Duke lacrosse players, the faculty loudly denounced them, with no need for evidence. But the moonbats aren’t so loud when the rape is real.

Indulgences are back?! Or did they never really leave? I missed these articles from 2009 –

For Catholics, a Door to Absolution Is Reopened and Why Catholic Indulgences are Making a Comeback.

Remember, folks, if part of your theology doesn’t require Jesus then it is wrong. And if it requires Jesus plus anything else it is wrong.

Yet Another Study Confirms Gay Life Expectancy 20 Years Shorter – Uh, wouldn’t this be relevant information to share in the mainstream media and in “comprehensive” sex education?

The Little Black Book – Queer in the 21st Century – This is one of things that is so disgusting I hate to link to it – then I remember that the public schools passed this out to kids! You’ve been warned.

Caution: extremely gross and disgusting. We debated posting this in unedited form; we did so because it was given to schoolchildren in a public school, written with public money. Unfortunately, it’s necessary that the public see it.

Victims of Rape and Incest Deserve Better than Abortion – read the link for more. And remember that abortion often hides the crimes of rape and incest.

  • Two major studies of pregnant rape victims found that 3/4 of these women chose to give birth.
  • None of the women who gave birth said they did not want their children or wished they had aborted instead.
  • Of those who aborted, nearly half did so because of the demands of others.
  • 94% of women who gave birth said abortion would not be a good solution to a pregnancy resulting from rape.
  • 93% of those who had abortions said it “had not been a good solution to their problems” and they “would not recommend it to others in their situation”
  • Nearly all incest victims who had an abortion reported no input in the decision; instead, their parents or the abuser made the decision for them.
  • All “explicitly stated that abortion was not a good solution and they would not recommend it to others.”
  • Of the incest victims who carried their children to term, all were happy they had given birth. They also “unanimously rejected abortion as a good option for incest related pregnancies.”

One of the more perverse examples of the law of unintended consequences: Pregnant South African women binge drinking in order to get more welfare

It’s very important for Christians to understand that policies that sound compassionate can actually provide incentives to people to do more bad things in order to get more money from the government. A good rule of thumb is this: whatever you tax, you get less of. And whatever you subsidize, you get more of. We shouldn’t be paying people to do evil things. We should be encouraging people who do good things instead. It’s important that we not just feel good, but that we do good.

Despite its promises, abortion increases out-of-wedlock births, increases crime and increases child abuse – oh, and it kills innocent but unwanted human beings.

6 thoughts on “Roundup”

  1. “Asking Jesus into your heart” has been one of my pet peeves forever. Where in the Bible do they find that we are to “ask” Jesus into our “hearts”? And just what does that mean?

    Ehrman’s claim to have been a Christian is just as valid as Joseph Smith’s.

    Love the article about “brainstorming.” When our kids were in public school, they decided it would be best if they put kids together in a group to solve problems and work on projects. All that proved was that the lazy would let the good people do the work. Our daughter was always the one doing all the work. That was just one of the many things that led us to leave the public school system.

    It took a study to know Demokrat policies kill the economy!?!?!? DUH!

    It is totally inconsistent for the woman to be charged with murdering a child who she could have had aborted a week earlier. But it does show our society’s lack of valuing life. I had to think about what I read, and wondered what sort of person could look at a baby and then slit its throat and stab it. Evil.

    I had an article about indulgences in 2008!
    The whole idea is heretical.

    The article about the lifespan of homosexuals has to be erroneous. I know, because I have many, many discussions with homosexuals about the medical dangers of homosexual behavior and they keep telling me that there are none, and that only anti-gays make up such data.

    The Little Black Book is another reason to leave the government schools.

    Abortion has to be THE evil of our day.


  2. One of the most (only?!) productive group projects in my schooling was during my senior year in college. We had to design and price out a factory. I hated using the computer programme (ASPEN); my lab partner hated the economic calculations. He designed a great factory, and I did the economic analysis that my professor called the most thorough of any he had seen.

    Which leads me to – unless everyone is bringing their own skills to the table and are willing to work, group projects are a disaster.


  3. I had learned a lot about Counterfeit Christianity and Counterfeit Jesus. If I am a Christian, I need to ask myself this very tough question, Am I a true Christian? Do I worship to the Real Jesus Christ?, Do I truly repent?, Are there False Counterfeit Bibles?, Did I find the true Salvation?, Am I really saved?, Are Christian Churches Counterfeit Churches? Am I a proud prideful religious hypocrite like a Pharisee or Am I just a humble sinner like a tax collector or Temple prostitute?, What do Jesus want on me? Are Church Pastors true teachers? Who is Jesus? I learn that a lot of Church Pastors will go to Hell because they are Lukewarm Christians and they are trying to make us to have the false Jesus. The reality is, the Counterfeit Christianity is here. And there are many many false Pastors and false teachers whatever they are Christians or not. There are many False Bibles with wrong translations. I had been told, Jesus is the answer, not the Church, not the Bible, not anything else. Satan wants me to worship to the this World, Satan will try to stop me to have the Real Jesus Christ. I think Most Christians have a Counterfeit Jesus, The Counterfeit Christianity is from Man not from God. Most Churches tell lies about God. I don’t hate Christians because everybody are different, some Christians are positive and some Christians are negative ones. It all depends on what kind of a God they are worshiped to. Every Christians are not perfect and God will judge them for their careless mistakes. In Fact God will judge both believers and Unbelievers. Even even true Christians will be condemned like those Unbelievers. For example Kenneath Hagin been a Church pastor and a believer in Jesus Christ all his life but he went to Hell, because he is false Pastor who preaches the false Gospels. Now I know there is a problem, I need a true Jesus Christ, I need a true Church, I would think Jesus been crying and making a sad plea to me. I get really really fed up with this. What can I do to avoid Counterfeit Jesus? Should I become a Ex Christian? Being a Ex Christian doesn’t mean I reject Jesus, it means I tried to get rid of the counterfeit Jesus. Counterfeit Jesus is very dangerous for me, it will destroy me, it will destroy my life. If God decided to send me to Hell because I am a false Christian then I will better off to be an Ex Christian and if God to condemn me for being an ex Christian then I will become depressed. I will turn to look to Ixtab Goddess of Suicide because I know her nearly all my life and all the powers of Hell to stand against me and Ixtab. What more a Righteous God have to do against me? What is the point?


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