They have no idea what the 2nd Amendment is about

Jim “the Gospel is all about wealth redistribution” Wallis had a predictable piece about taking away guns in his piece on via What Comes After the Grief?

The nation must finally decide what we are going to do about the semi-automatic and automatic weapons that are now pervasive in our country—weapons whose only purpose is to kill large numbers of people. Let’s be honest about the difference between these weapons and those needed for hunting, sport, or even self-defense.

Wallis is a apparently a product of government education that has left him wildly misinformed about the purpose of the 2nd Amendment.  It isn’t about hunting.

The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it.
—Thomas Jefferson

Back to Wallis. . . .

Since the Newtown shooting I have learned some stunning facts. In the four counties around the Connecticut school, there are 400 gun dealers. There are more gun dealers now in America than there are McDonald’s restaurants. On Black Friday alone, there were 150,000 attempted gun purchases; the FBI fielded 2 million gun-purchase requests in November. And most astounding, there are 310 million people in America and 280 million guns. Guns—and concealed weapons in particular—are being allowed in more and more public places. That is the direction that the gun business and gun lobby have taken us—and the gun business and lobby are now the same thing. Is that the kind of society we want to live in?

That’s a non sequitur.  Did the gun lobby make those people buy guns?  Seems to me that  Leftists like Obama and Wallis are increasing gun sales by reminding people that malicious and/or naive people are ultimately going to try and disarm them.

BUT IT’S NOT just gun idolatry. We must also do a better job of detecting and treating the kind of mental health problems that are repeatedly leading to such violence. How can we better avoid the deadly connections between mental illness and guns of mass destruction? How do we find, treat, and monitor individuals with such issues, and support their families, in order to protect them and others?

I agree with that, but it is the Left that has taken away the ability to institutionalize people, and the Left that has driven the policies that resort in more fatherless children and gun crime.

2 thoughts on “They have no idea what the 2nd Amendment is about”

  1. I want to know where all those “automatic” weapons are he mentioned. I’ve never seen a crime where an automatic weapon was used since the prohibition days when the mob used Thompson Sub-machne guns. These liberal anti-gunners are so stupid it would be funny if they weren’t so serious about disarming us.


  2. The lefty socialist gun-banners keep saying nobody needs large magazines and “military-style” rifles. I wish they would define “military-style”. Snipers use a Remington 700 in many cases. Gee, I own one of those-it’s called a hunting rifle. Also, if you look into feral pig hunting (popular in Texas and a few other states), “assault” rifles are the weapon of choice due to the large magazines. Feral pigs are such a nuisance that several states don’t even have hunting seasons, you can just go out and kill as many as you possibly can. And, guess what, those large magazines are perfect for the task.


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