Dear Catholics who voted for Obama,

Does this bother you at all?

  • The Democrats consider anyone who holds Catholic views on marriage to be “haters.”  The Pope himself would not be eligible to speak at Obama’s inauguration.
  • The official platform of the Democrats is to have unrestricted abortions funded by taxpayers.  They aren’t pro-choice, they are pro-abortion.
  • They are forcing your organizations to pay for birth control, including abortifacient drugs, and to permit same-sex couples to adopt children.  They would rather your hospitals and adoption clinics close down rather than relent on these issues.

If you vote for Democrats you should quit calling yourself Catholic.  They strenuously oppose your organization on the key social and moral issues of the day, and are working overtime to take away your religious freedoms.

Note: There is a reason I’m not Catholic — actually, 95 of them — but I have always appreciated their pro-family, pro-life views, and I know many “bad Catholics” who hold to the Protestant (i.e., biblical) view of justification.

29 thoughts on “Dear Catholics who voted for Obama,”

      1. The death penalty was God’s idea and instituted for those who take the life of others without proper justification. Also see the Just War theory.


      2. What Neil said about the death penalty.

        I don’t believe we should ever have been involved in the Iraq and Afghan wars – they do not meet the just war theory, and we are loosing too many of our troops to this wasted effort. It’s much like Vietnam; politicians playing games which get other people killed.


  1. Most of my friends are Catholics and I am fed up with them. It is doesn’t matter whatever Jesus will take me to Hell or Heaven. I think it is better for me to commit suicide in order to escape from Idols and false Religions.


      1. OK, A Distant Angry God will come down to condemn me and to punish me for everything, So, what is the point?


      2. I read the whole Bible for a long time, I am fed up with God to moan, moan and moan about Idols and false Gods. I am really fed up with this.


  2. I agree that there are too many Liberal Catholics. They tend to cherry pick what teachings of the Church to follow. We have Catholics that have no problem supporting organizations like Girl Scouts, Planned Parenthood, and the Obama administration. What gets me is how they could vote for him after he went on an all-out attack against our religious freedoms.


      1. OK, I will have a break, enough is enough, I try to calm myself down and God knows how I feel. I tell you, it is doesn’t matter how much Christians to preach against other Religions, false Religions, Cults and anything that are not christian, including the atheists. But let’s imagine that ALL people in this planet are true Christians and that other Religions including Cults and atheists are completely wiped out in face of this planet. The result is people will become very very arrogant and pure and they will say things like, I am good enough for God, I never commit adultery, I never worship Idols, I never been a temple prostitute, I never do awful things, I do everything to make God very pleased, I am only the one who respect God more than anyone else. Arrogance is smelly and it hurts other people and it hurts my heart.


  3. In the nineteenth century, many Christians supported slavery. Apparently, there were things in either the Democrat or the Whig platforms that were more important to them than releasing tens of thousands of people from legal bondage, abuse, and denial of human rights. Likewise, some Catholics have decided that “social justice” trumps the right to life, or that a “woman’s right to choose” trumps the right to life, and vote accordingly.


  4. That said, I will continue to condemn Georgetown University. When Obama spoke there, it covered the crucifix with a sheet so that Obama’s photo wouldn’t have to be taken alongside Christ on the cross. It admitted Sandra Fluke and even gave her a public interest law scholarship – knowing that her desire is to spend her life working for abortion access. Then the school can’t figure out why no one really listens to its wailing and gnashing of teeth when forced to include contraception in its student health plan. I am hardly one to say that an institution must perfectly abide by Christian, Muslim, Jewish, or free-market values in order to assert them later, but good grief, you can at least NOT give an acceptance letter, let alone a scholarship, to Miss Abortion Activist.


  5. I am Fed up with God to moan, moan and moan about Idols, False Gods, temple prostitutes and all that. What is the point, What do God want anyway?, an empty Religion? or What? I am really FED UP with it………..


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