4 thoughts on “On Joel Osteen . . .”

  1. You are right about the self help part. I have his book “Become a Better You.” I bought the book for the purposes of self-help only, not to get God’s advice on how to be a better me. That is what the Bible and Holy Spirit (for born-again believers baptized in the spirit) are for.

    In an interview with 60 Minutes he stated he did not consider himself a preacher, pastor, etc. He also said he did not have all the answers. Uh, that is what the Bible is for. Jesus said he gave us all things and told us all things. In an interview with Piers Morgan, he told on himself. He did not want to answer questions but Piers kept pushing him. Olsteen basically said he did not agree with some of the things written in the Bible. I kid you not. T. W.


    1. Joel Osteen’s “self-help” isn’t even good advice to follow because his worldview is skewed. I don’t take self-help from people whose philosophy is against God. Osteen has a different god than the God of the Bible. Christians should not listen to him for ANYTHING!

      If he doesn’t consider himself to be a pastor or preacher, then why does he allow the media to call him by those titles, and why does he have a “church”? He’s a total fraud.


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