We still aren’t a Democracy, we’re a Republic — at least we’re supposed to be a Republic.  We would probably be better off if high schools and colleges just showed this 10 min. video instead of a semester of a government class.

Hat tip: Economics for Morons


New peer-reviewed paper in Nature falsifies Darwinian junk DNA prediction — more embarrassment for Darwinists that will get little if any media coverage and definitely won’t be in those expensive textbooks.  But hey, we Christians are totally anti-science so don’t listen to us.


Obama’s anti-God squad — Make no mistake: He is not a Christian.  The Democratic convention booed God and cheered abortion — including partial-birth abortion, aka infanticide.  They’ve been doing that for a very long time and are just getting more aggressive with it.


When even declared Socialist Jon Stewart mocks the “tolerant and inclusive” Democrats for their hypocrisy, you know things are bad.


I couldn’t care less about the pizza restaurant owner who bear-hugged Obama.  But when the Left set out to destroy Chik-Fil-A because the owner said he didn’t believe in square circles (or something like that) then no one should be surprised that people may not want to do business with someone so aggressively partisan.


Abortion and the black woman — a moving account of what abortion really does, why it typically happens and why there is hope for those who have had them.


The top 10 foreign policy failures of the Obama administration — They  are all really bad, but I think #3 is the worst.  Sadly, I doubt that many voters are informed of any of them — or worse yet, that they don’t care.

Failure #3: “Unconscionable” Leaks Of Classified Counterterror Information From The White House That Have Been “Devastating”

The Obama White House has released a torrent of leaks of classified counterterror information that has compromised our national security by revealing covert sources and methods. The pace of the leaks quickened as the November election drew nearer, raising the question of whether they were politically motivated. But whether the leaks were politically motivated and intentional or the result of bad management and sloppiness in neither here nor there.  Either case is unacceptable and injurious to the intelligence operatives and uniformed men and women in the field.


An anti-ID biology professor who doesn’t even know the facts of life, let alone evolution — sadly, this is pretty common.

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. You wouldn’t expect a biology professor, of all people, to get the facts of life wrong. You wouldn’t expect a man whose specialty is genetics to overlook the most basic facts about how evolution works. And you certainly wouldn’t expect a scientist who declares that “it is necessary for schools to teach biological evolution” to be ignorant of the key events in human evolution. “Surely,” you might say, “that could never happen.” And yet it did.


Seen on Facebook, addressing the Sandra Fluke “I’m a law student at an expensive college but can’t pay $9/month for birth control pills, so you should buy them for me” issue:

You insist that I buy your birth control pills but do not allow the men who date you to pay for your dinner. Explain.

Seems like her boyfriend could spring for the birth control expenses.  Or, more apparently her boyfriends.  Hey, they could split the costs.


Yikes!  This “praise band” played Kiss’ “Rock and Roll All Night” to open their service.  And Perry Noble is considered a good preacher by many.

To get an idea of just what Perry Noble, “pastor” of NewSpring, decided to bring into God’s Temple watch the video below. It contains footage of both NewSpring’s

praise band and concert footage of Kiss, the band who wrote the song.


Arguments do not have testicles (Hat tip: Duane from Facebook) — six excellent responses to the sound bite that men can’t comment on abortion rights because they can’t have babies.

Oddly, those using the argument never realize that it would mean that all those young, single pro-choice men wouldn’t have a say, either.  Those trying to silence the speech of others rarely consider how that becomes a two way street.  It is like those who try to silence Bible-believing Christians for “forcing their religious views” on others, while they are hypocritically affirming of pro-choice religious speech.


And yet people thought he was the highlight of the convention.  Yes, he is a very compelling speaker.  But if you have a shred of discernment you should program yourself to assume he is lying.


26 thoughts on “Roundup”

  1. But hey, we Christians are totally anti-science so don’t listen to us.

    A gem I ran into last night on a comment thread on yahoo news, on an article discussing how clay on Mars (of all things) may have formed via volcanic means rather than by water, suggesting that it may have been less wet (and therefore less hospitable to life) in the past than previously thought:

    “For some reason, you insist on clinging to this Bronze Age mythology about a deity impregnating a virgin with himself, to send on a suicide mission.” Meanwhile, the writer of the comment, clings to the 19th century mythology that protein molecules floating in the ocean were turned into apes by a lightning strike…after a series of events over billions of years. Which are in reality less likely to have happened than a tornado passing through a junkyard and assembling a 747

    The top 10 foreign policy failures of the Obama administration – They are all really bad, but I think #3 is the worst. Sadly, I doubt that many voters are informed of any of them — or worse yet, that they don’t care.

    Wait…are you suggesting that abandoning Israel and playing footsie with Russia’s former KGB man isn’t the best idea?

    Arguments do not have testicles (Hat tip: Duane from Facebook) – six excellent responses to the sound bite that men can’t comment on abortion rights because they can’t have babies.

    Columnist Burt Prelutsky pointed out that if men aren’t allowed to have an opinion on this, then neither are lesbians. It concerns them even less, in fact.


  2. Regarding Perry Noble’s Newspring Church – his main location is about 30 miles from me. I had heard some things about him (that I can’t recall) that told me he was edgy and I felt a lot like you. I recently had the opportunity to attend his church when a friend was saved and scheduled to be baptized. I was prepared not to like the experience.

    Rev. Noble was not present at the service I attended, instead he turned the pulpit over to a young (22 year old) member of his congregation. I listened carefully to the songs (fortunately the words were on the screen) and found them to be worshipful, mentioning God the Father and Jesus Christ (possibly the Holy Spirit also – it’s been a while). The speaker tackled the early verses of Job, a passage I’ve seen pastors skip. I would have thought a young preacher talking to mostly new believers would have shied away from the passage, but he tackled it and did an EXCELLENT job.

    I left the service feeling much better about the church and felt like it was a place my new brother & sister in Christ could grow in safety. Also, my son has visited several times (it’s near his college) and I feel safe with him going there.

    Perry Noble preaches the Word. His style is a little strange, but it works for his congregation. If you get a chance, watch an entire service of his. If you find problems with him, I’d encourage you to email him directly.

    I suspect the service in question was his recent “kick-off” (my words, not his) service that met at the coliseum in Greenville (my home town). He used the service as an evangelistic service to get people who were un-churched.

    I won’t be attending his church again (unless it’s a special event) – his services is WAY too loud for me. But I won’t be complaining about him either.


    1. Randy, I completely respect your opinion on Perry Noble and am very impressed that you were able to communicate that opinion without any apparent disrespect towards Neil, here. However, I have listened to numerous Noble “sermons” and I can safely say that while he preaches good Gospel sometimes and some fairly solid Bible truth sometimes, he spends far more time in telling stories about himself and quite literally, bragging, again, about himself. Look up a blog called Pajama Pages. See how Noble and company treated someone who disagreed with New Spring’s approach. Noble has been contacted personally on numerous occasion and has never responded privately. However, you will find plenty of responses in his sermons, mocking and belittling those who tried to contact him. Now, he didn’t name names, but his snark and sarcasm made it obvious that someone had called him out on a point.


  3. Not knowing about Perry Noble or Newspring Church, I can tell you that I once (and only once) attended a church where the offeratory song was a pleasant rendition of John Lennon’s “Imagine”. Huh???


    1. We went to a Disciples of Christ church a long time ago. The pastor apparently felt like all the traditional and contemporary Christian songs had been done enough, so he had a guy play Garth Brooks a couple times. I’m glad to say it is a former church. I wish my parents weren’t still in that denomination.


      1. Indeed it was a Disciples of Christ church. The pastor told me, “We’ve tried to cut out all the divisive stuff”, so they eliminated divisive things like baptism, the Lord’s Supper, most doctrine, that kind of stuff. Sigh.


  4. A comment on “arguments do not have testicles” (hilarious title, btw!): I recently saw a slogan that said, “Vagina: can’t say it, don’t legislate it”. I presume it’s a slam on those who would not use terms for genitals in public conversation and/or in bills or discussions about bills. However, I daresay that the same folks that would shrink back from using the term “vagina” in public and/or mixed company would likewise refrain from using the term “penis”, yet I have yet to meet a woman who thinks that there should be no legislation against what a man can do with his penis, since that would legalize forcible rape, leaving the victimized woman with no recourse at all. So this is another level of hypocrisy and/or another false argument / logical fallacy.


  5. As for Perry Noble, Apprising Ministries has exposed some of his nonsense in the past. While he may once in a while have good teachings (a stopped clock is right twice a day), he seems to be just another seeker-sensitive emerging teacher. His demands for tithes are interesting:

    And the crowd he hangs around with in the Elephant Rooms should be a big warning flag.


  6. Long time reader, first time commenter here.

    I think a funny response to the You’re-a-man-so-you-can’t-comment-on-abortion argument would be “how do you know I’m a man? I might be a woman trapped in a man’s body for all YOU know.”

    I don’t know if I would actually say that though.


  7. Neil, I watched an Elephant Room session (James MacDonald heads these up) with Perry Noble about their choice of music in their services (particularly the first song) and he seemed really proud they were going to do “Hell’s Bells” or “Stairway to Heaven” or something on EASTER! I am all for contextualization and relevancy, but there is a point where we have to say, “Would the Psalter have written a song like this for worship in Israel?” Very disturbing. I am not going to say Noble is not a Christian (not my place in this sticky situation), but it is at least highly disrespectful and at worst blasphemous or heretical.


  8. Okay, now that I rethink about it and watch the video…as they do that in front of the cross, it is pretty much a mockery of the gospel. Not a “heresy” in the technical sense, but a mockery to be sure.


  9. “This “praise band” played Kiss’ “Rock and Roll All Night” to open their service. And Perry Noble is considered a good preacher by many.”

    Wow, just wow.

    See this is why I am so against taking liberties with the worship laid out in the NT. It is a slippery slope. It never starts with things like this, but eventually gets there. (See the services at mega churches for an example.)

    God has never tolerated this type of “strange” worship. See Nadab and Abihu for an example. Once we forget that worship is from us to him, and not for our entertainment, we’ve already gone off the tracks.


  10. Just watched the “worship” video. I’ve often heard the complaint that “worship” bands were just frustrated musicians who couldn’t make it in the world. I think this probably lends credence to that complaint.


  11. Just getting a chance to get back here. I won’t try to defend Noble’s choice of music – frankly I don’t care for it. Before I went, I was armed with comments from friends and neighbors about how irreverent Noble could be. I also had seen comments on this blog and others about worship music (some that I agreed with, some not). I was looking at the music carefully to see it’s basis. The music I heard referenced Christ and His death on the cross – two subjects that frequently are left out in post-modern churches (so I hear – I haven’t been in these churches).

    James commented on my ability to communicate my opinions without disrespecting Neil. Let me be less vague. I respect Neil greatly. I’ve emailed him personally for guidance, both personally and spiritually. I think he takes his role here seriously. I’d say he is truly a minister to his flock here. Even though I’ve never met him, I consider him a friend.

    James also noted that Noble “preaches good Gospel sometimes and some fairly solid Bible truth sometimes.” I’ll have more to say about that in a minute and a question.

    Glenn noted Noble’s demand for tithes and I ask – isn’t the tithe Biblical? Didn’t someone a long time ago accuse us of stealing from God by withholding our tithes? In the one Newspring service I attended, there was mention of the tithe (not sure if it was Noble by video or the Doogie Howser fill-in). I was surprised given the number of non-Christians and new-Christians that listened. In too many churches, pastors shy away from the Truth and water it down – the reference I heard did neither.

    I read a little of the blog James recommended, but not enough to get a real feel for what happened. Having been at a church that had major divisions (it was never organized enough to call it a split), I tend to avoid public confrontation of a church. I have studied carefully the Biblical guidelines for confronting a preacher. I won’t accuse the blogger of anything, I don’t know him or follow him enough for that (contrast that with my feelings for Neil earlier).

    I do have a serious question, if you’ve made it this far without getting your blood pressure up. How does this kind of comment related to Paul’s comments in 1 Cor 1:10-18? I can tell you first hand that Noble preaches the gospel (or at least his fill-in did) and wins converts to Christ (in the case of my friends). Once saved, he pushes them towards discipleship in Christ, unlike a lot of mega-churches I’ve been warned about. What would Paul say about Perry Noble? (And I’ll be the first to confess I’ve had problems with these verses)


    1. Randy,
      No, the tithe is not biblical for the Christian. The tithe was for Israel, and only Israel. The passage about stealing from God was directed at Israel. What did Paul say about giving? 2 Cor. 9:6-7. There is no tithe for the Christian. To demand tithes the way Noble does places him in the ranks of the Word of Faith heretics with their demands.

      To say Noble is okay because he wins people to Christ is being a pragmatist: “Hey, it works – so what’s the problem?” The man is irreverent, associates with lots of emergent false teachers, is a showboat, etc. A lot of what I’ve seen of him is self-focused, and he uses the entertainment mentality to get people. Just remember, what you win people with is what you win them too. I have no respect for his ilk.


      1. Glenn, in the one time I heard him, Noble didn’t demand tithes, nor did he say that people were non-Christians if they didn’t tithe. I don’t think the tithe is required for Christians, but I certainly wouldn’t say it’s not Biblical.

        Personally, I’ve become convicted that the tithe is a starting point and that offerings are above and beyond that. When I get paid, I calculate 1/10 of the gross and immediately write a check for that amount. I don’t see this as required and won’t push someone else to do this, but instead it’s what I’ve decided to give.

        Neil, I’d appreciate your comments relative this conversation and 1 Cor 1:10-18. I lived about 10 miles from the PTL club and Jim Baker. After he was arrested and convicted, I read these verses and they hit me hard. Also, I’d appreciate your comments on division in the Body. But that’s probably another post by itself.


      2. Randy,
        Firstly, with multiple campuses, Noble is just another seeker-sensitive leader who cannot be a shepherd to the thousands of people who attend his franchises (I can’t call them church assemblies). Did you see the video in my link showing how he seeks money – the same way the WOF crowd does. Did you see the link to Museum of Idolatry and their exposing of his false claims which he uses to justify his demands for more money? And what is this, “Take the Land” nonsense? This is reconstructionism.

        And I never stated Noble said people weren’t Christians if they didn’t tithe; I don’t know where you got that.

        It is an unbiblical statement to say Christians are to tithe. The Bible says the tithe is for Israel, so if you say it is also for Christians then that is unbiblical. Now, can Christians give 10% of their income? Certainly – they can give any amount they choose. (By the way, the tithe was just a portion of what Israel had to give). And I don’t think anyone should burden Christians with the idea that they must give a minimum of 10% because nothing in Scripture says this is to be done (I have known people struggling to give 5% and still have money left for rent, food and clothing!) Christians are to give what we are able, knowing that the more we give the more we may be blessed with more to give!

        As for 1 Cor. 1:10-18, this passage does not address the wolves pretending to be shepherds.


      3. Glenn, didn’t mean to imply that you thought Noble said non-tithers were not Christians. My point was that some “name-it-and-claim-it” pastors say that, Noble doesn’t. Sorry if I gave the wrong impression.

        I also don’t think Noble is very seeker-sensitive, he doesn’t shy away from talking about the cross, difficult books (i.e. Job) or difficult subjects.

        I’m curious, would any pastor involved in multi-campuses be considered a false teacher? Did you see the recent Greg Laurie Harvest Crusade? Would he be included in that category? (I didn’t see the Crusade).

        I believe that the prophet Malachi was speaking to us just as he was speaking to the Israelites. I find it interesting that this is the one time God tells us to test him. I believe we have to be careful, God doesn’t promise ROI, but he does promise to open the floodgates.


      4. Randy,
        My point was that Noble’s shilling for tithes reminded me very much of the WOF techniques. And his KISS band, let alone the fact that he hangs around false teachers, says to me that he is totally lacking in discernment and not to be trusted. I am totally against the whole idea of multi-site “Churches,” because I think it points to the ego of the leader. Very good article on this subject from a couple weeks ago.

        Noble spends way too much time trying to be “cool” for me to have any respect for him as a shepherd.


      5. Hi Randy — re. 1 Cor. 1:10-18 I think that Paul is talking about following specific people and dividing over that rather than debating whether what those people teach is accurate. Seems like it would be reasonable to discuss whether someone is a sound teacher.


  12. I went back and found the verses I intended to reference earlier (Neil, I agree, we should always question false doctrine). I found Phillipians 1:15-18 when I lived about 10 miles from Jim Bakker’s ministry. No one should question that Bakker was wrong on so many levels (he served time for his crimes and did some other morally despicable things). But when I read these verses, someone specifically asked me what Paul would say about his teachings?

    The verses I’m talking about say “It is true that some preach Christ out of envy and rivalry, … [they] preach Christ out of selfish ambition, not sincerely … But what does it matter? The important thing is that in every way, whether from false motives or true, Christ is preached.”

    I think this is relevant to the topic at hand. Some people say that Perry Noble preaches out of “selfish ambition, not sincerely” and I won’t argue that point one way or another (I haven’t heard enough to comment). But Paul says “what does it matter?” In the little bit that I’ve heard Pastor Noble, I know that he preaches Christ. I know he encourages discipleship and growth.

    I would ALWAYS stress to believers, especially new believers, that they behave like the Bereans who Paul said “examined the Scriptures every day to see if what [he] said was true.” If Paul encourage people to compare his words to the truth, how much more should we check out a current pastor?


  13. “I would ALWAYS stress to believers, especially new believers, that they behave like the Bereans who Paul said “examined the Scriptures every day to see if what [he] said was true.” If Paul encourage people to compare his words to the truth, how much more should we check out a current pastor?”

    Agreed. If people would actually read their Bibles a lot then they’d spot most bad theology a mile away.


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