So many conservative Olympic fans!

Willy Wonka Creepy - Dear liberal Jordyn Wieber fan, tell me all about how unfair quotas are.  and welcome to conservatism!

Lots of people are rightly irritated that Jordyn Wieber won’t be in the women’s all-around Olympic gymnastics competition.  How can the 4th place person not be considered one of the top 24 competitors?  Oh . . . because of a quota system.

I wonder if the author of Jordyn Wieber unfairly eliminated and all the other Wieber supporters are such staunch conservatives on other issues?

And, according to the official rule, only a maximum of two gymnasts from each country can advance to the finals.

Um, what?

Let’s get this straight. Wieber, who finished a mere 0.233 points behind Douglas, is punished because her country is too good at the sport?  . . . This is the Olympic Games we are talking about here. The goal is to bring together the best athletes in each sport and let them compete to bring pride to their respective nations. There should be no stipulations.

It should be the best in the world against the best in the world. Period.

Instead, this rule that limits only two gymnasts from each country completely prohibits that. The top countries that have worked to obtain a justifiable advantage are punished, and the competitive balance is ruined.

. . .

It’s likely a bitter consolation prize for Wieber, who became the most recent victim of an unfathomable rule, but it will give the young American a chance to truly dominate and show the International Olympic Committee the error of its ways.

Quota systems are unfair to the following people (i.e., everyone):

  1. Wieber, who had the 4th best score but was essentially replaced by the person with the 25th best score.  Yes, she knew the rule, but it is an unfair rule.
  2. All the anonymous people who lose out on jobs after working hard and meeting the qualifications, only to lose the role to someone less qualified.
  3. All the anonymous people served by the lower performing people — especially if the quota system was for something like firefighters or medical personnel.
  4. All the deserving people whose accomplishments are tainted by quotas.  They worked hard and met the standards but people will assume that they were given the roles despite a lack of merit.  And they may wonder themselves if they truly deserved the roles.

Shouldn’t police, doctors and every other role also be about being the “best in the world?”  Or do fairness and talent only count in sports and entertainment?  All the arguments used to support quotas in every other field apply just as much to gymnastics, if not more so.

I hope Wieber has dominating performances in all her events to show the world how good she is and to debunk the myth that quotas are fair.

Welcome to conservatism, liberal sports fans!

7 thoughts on “So many conservative Olympic fans!”

  1. When I got out of the Army I thought being a policeman would be a great job. I never even got a chance to try to qualify because of a lawsuit. It seems the percentage of black officers did not equal the percentage of blacks in the city, so the PD could not hire anyone who wasn’t black until the percentages equaled. It didn’t matter that the reason a smaller percentage of blacks were on the force was because blacks didn’t apply – darn it, go out and recruit!!!

    Years later when I bid on a supervisor job with ATC I almost didn’t get it. I was the most qualified of all bidders, with my points way ahead of all the others. But there was a woman and a black man bidding against me. Fortunately the black man’s ratings were so low that even with EEO rules he wasn’t qualified, but the woman, although way below me in qualification, was supposed to be selected, which, you can imagine, really ticked me off. BUT, she had applied for another facility also, and that other facility was also left with the EEO requirement to pick her up. And she wanted the other facility, so I was selected as supervisor where I bid. I only learned about this because the manager was fed up with the EEO system which forced selection of lesser qualified people just to fit the bean-counting, and he told me what happened and showed me all the correspondence in regards to the selection process. A year later he retired; he’d had enough.


    1. Glad that worked out for you, but sad that the system is like that. And think of all the highly qualified blacks and women that earned the jobs but have to wonder if they were really the best.


    2. This frightens me. Firefighters and police are two (of many) roles in which actual real lives depend on selecting the best-qualified.

      Of all places where racial/gender quotas don’t belong. Why doesn’t some member of Congress introduce legislation banning this forever?


    1. Quotas do not mean equal opportunity. Quotas are legalized discrimination (kinda like Jim Crow that the South catches so much flak for). Bottom line, it forces employers to hire not on merit, but on skin color or gender. If it went the other way, it would be called discrimination.


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