What?  Avacados are a fruit?  Whatever.  They are delicious and nutritious even if they had been vegetables.  Learn all about them.


Authorities Ignore Violent Mob in Columbus — There seems to be at least one of these stories each week that don’t get reported in the mainstream media.


Make no mistake: Whatever you think about what Penn State did in disregarding the welfare of children, what Planned Parenthood does regarding statutory rape (not to mention killing innocent but unwanted human beings) is 1,000 times worse.  Be sure to mention that anytime someone brings up Penn State.


Want lower unemployment? Get a GOP Governor.

Political self-parody: Obama administration claimed 30 out of 32 months that it is important not to read too much into one jobs report.  Is it OK to read something into 30 jobs reports?


Pastor Timothy whales on Lifeway Bookstores.  As he should.

Those in the Christian publishing industry know what a farce they are in their continue publication of cotton-candy theology and the mass produced Jesus junk they sell for a profit. Every time I go into one of these stores, I come out completely discouraged because the stuff the put forth is nothing more than Leave It to Beaver Humanism with a dash of Christianity to boot.


Another Liberal learns what Islam is really about. She tried to help a Muslim woman and then . . .

The police were called. Britain being ruled by moonbats and Ms. Heathcote-Hyphen-Dreary being a Caucasian, she was arrested for racially aggravated assault.

Like all privileged special interest groups imported from abroad to displace the native population, the Muslims knew exactly how to play the system. Lying through their teeth, they accused Ms. H.-D. of calling them terrorists and welfare recipients. The police took no interest in her side of the story; that would have been racist.

The do-gooder gasps: “Before this, I believed that if you were innocent and told the truth, you would be protected by the system, but I’ve learned some very hard lessons.”

The main hard lesson: Multiculturalism does not mean the whole world holds hands and sings songs in praise of moonbat ideology. It means a tidal wave of Third World savagery washes away Western Civilization — and liberalism will go with it.

At least she was finally found innocent at trial. The same incident after Muslims achieve a majority in Britain will result in her being whipped if not decapitated.

Also see Jihad in Africa.  Islam is spreading widely and violently, often with your tax dollars.


Welcome to America, where you must prove that you are insured but not that you are a citizen.


More bad logic from Richard Dawkins.  I suppose it is possible that he knows something about science, but his reasoning skills are so poor that I can’t take him seriously.  He is a poster boy for the “There is no God and I really, really hate him” atheists.


An Ex-Pentecostal Healer (pastor) Explains The Tricks Used to make people think they are healed.  Short version: Hypnosis and other manipulative tactics.  False teachers are physically and spiritually deadly.


7 thoughts on “Roundup”

  1. Why is it that everyone is focused on avacados lately? They’re not my favorite “fruit”, but I have nothing against them either. But all of a sudden I see ads on TV for the “superfruit”, I get emails about it being available at restaurants, etc. I wonder if some governement $$ have been pushed into advertising?


  2. I love avocados. Too bad they are so darned expensive with almost zero shelf life. But they really are a great health food choice regardless.

    I’ve got to check out that lib logic site. A daily posting of one of their posters on social sites and blogs might provoke some good discussion. Don’t you think?


    1. Their Facebook page is great. It generally shows real inconsistencies, unlike the anti-TEA Party pages that pretend that conservatives are anarchists (“they oppose gov’t but still call 911 in emergencies! Hypocrites!”)


  3. Regarding the mob story, this is sad. But it is evidence of the need for self-defense training, especially in areas where unConstitutional gun prohibitions exist. How does one defend against a mob? In this case, it does not appear all twenty attack one person, but assuming that’s how it’s going, breaking a knee, elbow or wrist, or gouging eyes, popping an ear drum or a shot to the throat leads to the mobster re-assessing his hobby choices. One can try the “turn the other cheek” response, but it won’t prevent these scumbags from hurting other more vulnerable people. Plus, my suggestion will lead to one of two, or both, possibilities wherein the injured mobster will require assistance from another mobster or two, reducing the numbers of mobsters attacking others, or slow them down for easy capture by police. Sure, it might escalate their aggression towards you, but that would lead to one or two others being crippled and/or it could also compel help from other victims. In any case, such behaviors MUST be quashed immediately and with extreme prejudice (words chosen purposely in order to tweak those who suspect racism).


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