A portrait of perversion

I’m used to Chuck “Jesus is not the only way but He sure is a bigot” Currie saying all sorts of anti-Christian things. Having done prison ministry and pregnancy center ministry for years I deal regularly will all sorts of humanity that is even more fallen than average, at least in terms of outward behavior. I am friends with lots of drug dealers, killers, robbers, drunk drivers, people who have had abortions or encouraged others to have them, etc., and am glad to share a message of grace with them. So I’m pretty shock-proof.

But even I cringe when I see photos like the one at Central Pacific Conference Of The @UnitedChurch Of Christ Marches in #PDXPride Parade.

There we see Chuck Currie “proudly” wearing a collar and pretending to be a Christian while literally leading a gay pride parade.

But it gets worse. Much, much worse. This moral freak has his twin daughters there as props. I’m not sure how old they are now, but he bragged about taking them to a gay pride parade a while back when they were six.

I pray that one day they have a godly influence come into their lives that will tell them the real Gospel and help them forgive the wolf in sheep’s clothing who subjects them to perversions like this, and also his atheist wife who apparently gives her approval for it.

Sadly, those pro-aborts who pretend to care about the “least of these” can’t even be trusted with those in their own household. If you love children you would never take them to a gay pride parade.

I pray that when false teacher Chuck is busy ripping verses out of context to prepare one of his politics-disguised-as-religion “sermons” that God will use the scripture to open his eyes to the truth. For his own good reasons God rarely makes these people spiritually alive, which is bad news for Chuck & Co. Their hearts appear to be fully hardened and they are working for Satan full-time.

This is what you get from apostate denominations such as the United Church of Christ and the United Methodist Church and anti-Christian organizations like the “Jesus Seminar” Westar Group. They not only permit perversions like this, they applaud them, just like in Romans 1.

Here’s a sample of what people like Chuck think 6 yr. old girls should witness to show how diverse they are.  This is from the Portland Pride Parade.  I’m sure there are worse things that they didn’t even show, like other parades have.



Come, Lord Jesus, come.

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