I love this graphic, but I don’t like the seemingly endless examples of the dangers of socialized medicine.



Good question: Obesity in Christian churches: what happened to the sin of gluttony?  We don’t need to be triathletes or super models, but if we really love our friends and family we’ll take reasonable care of our health so as not to be a burden on them or the church.  Just eat a little less, eat a little healthier and exercise a little more.


Stan has another great post, this one on the sovereignty of God.


I suspect we’ll have to wait until the next administration is in place to determine the truth about the White House leaks.  Remember, this is the guy who created the gutsycall website to boast about the Bin Laden kill.

Asked during the morning event about the series of leaks from his administration and their oh-so-coincidentally complimentary view of his own leadership, Obama pronounced himself offended by the insinuation that his team would leak sensitive information in an election year to save their jobs.


The President recognizes D-day by attending four fundraisers and not mentioning D-day.  That seems less than patriotic.


A sad but effective tag line: Obama lied, the economy died.


Sometimes fat-free isn’t the best option — I think you better off eating a good mix of foods in their most natural state, if possible.  Better to have high natural fat than chemically-produced fake fat.


Planned Parenthood, the “pro-women” abortion outfit, will gladly break the law and kill your daughter for the crime of being a girl — provided that you don’t talk about it too much.

But remember, Republicans are anti-women.

I’ve updated my Planned Parenthood overview with their hypocrisy on gender-selection abortions and how they encourage employees to lie to investigators.  The 2nd link has some great information for abortion clinic employees.  There is a ministry that helps them financially and emotionally if they want to get out of that Satanic business.  A fantastic message of truth, warning and hope from the former director of the College Station Planned Parenthood (she was their 2008 employee of the year, but converted).


A provocative question: Which artist caused the most harm?

Photographer and philosopher Laszlo Bencze offers a surprising answer, and it is relevant to ID.

Was it Picasso with his cubistically distorted female portraits?

Was it Joseph Albers with his huge and hugely boring square canvases depicting squares?

Was it Andy Warhol and his banal pop images?

Was it Robert Maplethorpe and his blatantly pornographic photographs?


It was Michelangelo who chose to depict God in such a profoundly powerful manner that no member of Western Civilization can escape thinking of God creating Adam—their forefingers just having touched—on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. There’s a reason God tells us not to attempt to depict Him. It’s not that some cheap, silly, inept, awkward, or satirical image might diminish Him. It’s that some truly great artist might create an image so compelling that it would ever after define and limit Him.

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