Hearing God’s voice

How to hear God’s voice 100% of the time does a good job of refuting what I call “sloppy God talk,” which is sadly pervasive in the broader church.

2 Timothy 3:17 drives the point home by stating that through the written word of God the man of God is equipped for EVERY good work. There are no good works that God would have you do that would require you to rely on anything other than His word to make you complete and fully equipped for the task.

The Bible is sufficient to make you complete and fully equipped for every good work.

You don’t need whispers.

You don’t need dreams.

You don’t need visions.

You don’t need trances.

You don’t need a glory cloud.

You don’t need to figure out how to ‘experience God’.

You don’t need contemplative mysticism.

All you need is the written word of God. The Bible is sufficient to make you complete and fully equipped for every good work and because every word of scripture is God breathed, you can know with confidence that you’re hearing the voice of God.

You may be asking yourself if it could truly be that simple.

Yes, it really is that simple!

If you want to hear from God, read the Bible. If you want to hear from him audibly, read the Bible out loud.

When we talk to God it is prayer. When God talks to us it is prophecy, and the burden of proof is on the person who claimed that God gave him a message outside the Bible.

This is good news!  God might give you an additional revelation, but He is not obligated to and it is very uncommon.  I see people getting into all sorts of mischief and bad theology when they focus on getting individualized revelation.  They also damage the faith of newer believers who may unnecessarily question their salvation because they aren’t “hearing” from God like these other Christians are.

I was glad that our church had a sermon series on this.  It used some of the same source materials as I did for Decision making and the will of God.

There is no Bible 2.0.  Just focus on the original.  There are no important spiritual truths that aren’t in the Bible.  When you get all 31,173 verses down and are bored with what God originally revealed, then feel free to ask him for more.

In other words, God told me to tell you to be very careful when claiming to speak for him.

7 thoughts on “Hearing God’s voice”

  1. Very nice post! Thank you for posting. This truth needs to be spoken, there are too many who have a “word of knowledge” and they need to know the truth. Gods blessings!


  2. If “every word of scripture is God breathed” and therefore “you can know with confidence that you’re hearing the voice of God” with the Bible. Then what of the contradictions within the Bible, within the original scripture itself? What of the the many different versions of the Bible?

    How can there be so many different versions if the Bible is the word of God? If accepting only one version as the true version, how then can there still be contradictions in “God’s word”?

    Surely you do not suggest that God would contradict himself? Or do you refuse the pretense that there are contradictions? If so I’m sure I can go to my notes and provide you with a great many of them.

    Or will you state it is human interpretation that is flawed? And if so do you realize the many additional problems that answer brings?

    I’m curious as to your answer, and I have many more questions waiting, if you are willing to discuss and perhaps inform.


    1. Hi Rah,

      If you are authentically interested in addressing Bible difficulties and alleged contradictions, this site is quite helpful — http://www.tektonics.org/index2.html .

      The subject of this post is about how God has chosen to speak to us. He could speak directly to anyone at any time, but the burden of proof is on those who claim to have heard from him.

      The Christian claim is that the original writings turned out exactly as God and the human writers wanted them to and that they have been transmitted to us in a reasonably accurate fashion. Even skeptical textual scholars concede that we know what the originals said with over 99% accuracy and 100% on major doctrines (e.g., 100 passages stating that Jesus is the only way to salvation).

      If you have more to say about the content of this post, feel free to offer that.


      1. I would add that if you accept God can inspire human beings to record His Word initially, why could not He also inspire the translations to communicate what He intended to those reading in that language? As far as contradictions go,these have been addressed many times and just as you can easily find lists of contradictions in the Bible on the Internet, you can easily find refutation of those same contradictions. It is important to consider the context around which a specific Bible verse is quoted and not look only at a single verse. I wish you success in your research.


    2. Most of these “contradictions” turn out to be where it says thus-and-so in the Mosaic Laws of the Old Testament, then Jesus said something else that “contradicts” that? Right?


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