Yea for North Carolina!

Once again, every state that has let the voters decide has stood up for real marriage.  See North Carolina voters ban gay marriage, civil unions.  This will help protect religious freedoms, among other things.  The only states that have recognized these unions did so through judges or elected officials.

North Carolinians voted to change the state constitution Tuesday to say that the only valid “domestic legal partnership” in the state is marriage between a man and a woman, according to the AP’s projection. The amendment passed 61 to 39 percent with most counties reporting, making North Carolina the 29th state with a gay marriage ban in its constitution.The state already outlawed gay marriage, but the constitutional amendment makes it more difficult for politicians to ever change the law.

Note the mistake in the title of the link: This didn’t “ban” “gay marriage,” it noted what the state recognizes as valid.  Gays can still go to all sorts of apostate churches and get “married,” set up house together, etc.  In other words, no one is stopping them from associating with those they love.

They won by a huge margin despite being wildly outspent by their opponents out-of-state funding.

Bonus link: A secular case against “same-sex marriage.”

This should make for an interesting location for the Democratic convention:

Whoever decided to put the Democratic National Convention in North Carolina should be given a lollipop by the GOP for the intense level of comedic schadenfreude we can all now watch. The Democrats will convene in a proudly right to work state whose state Democratic Party is imploding due to a gay sexual harassment scandal, the state itself just voted for marriage by a margin few statewide candidates in North Carolina get, and twenty percent of Democrats voted against Barack Obama in the North Carolina Democratic Primary.

On the bright side, North Carolina is not West Virginia where a felon in federal prison in Texas locked up 40% of the vote in the Democratic Primary against Barack Obama.

Courtesy of John, here is a list of all the results from other states.

21 thoughts on “Yea for North Carolina!”

  1. I live in NC and have been inundated by activists and liberals fighting tooth an nail against this. When I saw the margin by which this passed last night it underscored the point that although fewest in number, they are the loudest and most visible in the media.

    I foolishly hoped this would settle things down a bit (especially on Facebook), but now we’re sitting through the endless lamenting that “fear, hate and ignorance won.”


      1. “ignorance and hate” are the thinly veiled ad hominems de jur. I was at a local coffee shop just now and the national NBC news was interviewing people for their reactions. And of course they were using the same buzzwords.

        I would like someone in this crowd to explain how they are not, by their own standards, bigoted and ignorant towards polygamy, which they fervently claim to be against.


      2. But, Pastor Timothy! Slippery slope arguments are “dumb,” remember? They’ve been telling us for years now that this is absolutely, positively the only change that will need to be made to marriage. There’s no way anyone would call for marriages between men and multiple women, between men and children, or between men and inanimate objects.

        Except….A) has already happened for thousands of years, B) NAMBLA and C) Japan and South Korea.


      3. I would like someone in this crowd to explain, by their own standards, how they are not bigoted and ignorant toward those who don’t share their position on the gay marriage issue.

        Those of us who dare to stand up for conventional marriage have been subjected to every kind of slur and misrepresentation. We’re routinely accusing of outright hating homosexuals, of wanting to pass laws that condemn the act itself on purely moral grounds (no need, God has already done that)…and then there is my favorite – supposedly wanting to cram our values down everyone else’s throat, including those who do not believe in our “magical sky fairy” or “imaginary friend in the clouds.” It never occurs to these people that it’s the other way around – they’re the ones trying to cram foreign values down other people’s throats.

        I utterly reject the proposition that this debate has anything at all to do with homosexuals simply wanting to be left alone to live our their lives in a way that makes the most sense to them. It’s just the opposite – they want to make their lifestyle everyone else’s business by forcing our government to recognize and legitimize it.

        I pointed out to one of these, ah, detractors (on Facebook) that if you reject God’s authority over man, then naturally you would see no reason to oppose this. Naturally that made him even angrier and he began tossing out the usual bromides against Christians, the Bible, and God.


    1. Crossed swords with a couple of them myself last night on FB, responding to a post of someone saying similar comments. Three of her friends were in there agreeing with her. I decided to speak up.

      The one whose FB page it was, was at least polite, though she laughably compared my use of the word “tradition” to slavery, of all things. Her friends…unspeakably rude and bigoted toward a person of faith. In response, I went ahead and said what I really think – that I’m sick and tired of being called a bigot, homophobic, or closed-minded simply because I stand up for moral values and oppose revising the definition of an institution designed by God’s own hand.

      I also pointed out that the fact that some heterosexuals have failed to honor the institution of marriage or keep it sacred…is not an argument for turning it into a free-for-all. As John Hawkins points out over at Right Wing News, you don’t give a sick person rat poison in order to make him feel better.

      Lastly – and I can’t figure out why nobody else except me ever seems to bring this up – I don’t want to pay more for my employer-sponsored health insurance. But that’s exactly what will happen if all these thousands of additional individuals suddenly can be added to their partners’ plan (who in turn only will only pay a little bit more each month, as the difference between a single employee’s rate and a family rate is not that great). The insurance companies will lose money covering all those extra people…and pass those costs onto existing patients. Like me.


  2. In defense of the Democrats in West Virginian who voted for the felon, they probably voted for what they felt was the lesser of two evils.


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