Tony Campolo still teaching falsehoods

Via Campolo Praises United Methodist Political Lobby – Institute on Religion & Democracy (IRD).

Commenting on homosexuality, Campolo said: “’Love the sinner and hate the sin.’ Kind of makes you puke, doesn’t it?…Love the sinner and hate your own sin.”

That’s a typical false argument.  The question being debated is whether it is a sin.  It is no more judgmental to say it is a sin than to say it isn’t.  We do hate our own sins.  We just aren’t going around saying that our sins aren’t sins, and that the church must change their definition of our sins or we’ll protest their conventions and split  denominations.

Keep in mind that it wasn’t like oxymoronic “same-sex marriage” was the norm in churches, other religions and atheistic countries for the past couple thousand years and then the mean old Bible-believers came along to spoil things.  The false teachers brought this up, not us.

He warned: “Just to discuss it drives people out of your churches into fundamental independent churches—perhaps independent of God.”

That’s ironic!  They are making a god in their own image and then judging independent churches of being without God?  Indeed.

Anyone claiming to be a “Red letter Christian” needs milk, not meat.  The original writings were all red letters in the sense that they turned out the way Jesus wanted them to.  Matthew’s account of Jesus is no more authoritative than Paul’s.

Read the entire link if you have the stomach for it.


10 thoughts on “Tony Campolo still teaching falsehoods”

  1. The twitter conversation around General Conference has been absolutely disgusting… the liberal lobby seemingly can’t post without using circular logic, redefining terms as they see fit, using shaming language, claim that those who oppose them are “intolerant” “unwelcoming” “hateful”, using the most intolerant, unwelcoming, hateful language one could imagine. The hypocrisy is astounding, but that’s to be expected when you are a) wrong and b) losing.

    Now there’s rumors that the pro-homosexual protestors (including the should-have-been-defrocked-but-wasn’t Amy DeLong) made a backdoor deal with the bishops to table discussion that would remove the UMC from the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Rights –


    1. Exactly. If I see that “Jesus never said anything about homosexuality” fallacy one more time I think I’ll scream. Logic: They’re doin’ it wrong.

      And what a shocker that they are also pro-abortion. The RCRC is a truly wicked group that the UMC helped start. The pro-aborts lied at previous conferences to keep it funded. Hope they don’t win this round.


  2. By being a “red letter Christian” I’m assuming that they are saying they reject the writings of Paul and only want to stick to what Jesus said. This puts them in a rather interesting position. They are saying that what the “apostle” Paul wrote is not authoritative, thereby stripping him of his apostleship, and they are in authority to say Paul was not authoritative. Did Christ call them to be modern-day apostles, speaking for HIM, and Paul was called?



    1. Ironically, this same group threw a fit when debating whether Romans 8:38-39 should be included in some piece of legislation. They were all for it, because they can reinterpret it to mean God loves all *behaviors*. Cafeteria Christianity at it’s best. They like Romans apparently, just not that pesky second half of Romans 1.


  3. Campolo has been a false teacher for a long time, and there is good reason to doubt he is a genuine believer. I did my first article on him almost four years ago:
    I also pointed out a few months later that he was an avid advocate of homosexuals:

    So nothing in this latest article surprises me in the least. He’s just another wolf in sheep’s clothing.


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