Sex out of wedlock = sin. Getting pregnant = not a sin.

That should be obvious, right?  But think about how our society perceives it.  Being pregnant out of wedlock is evidence of a sin, but isn’t a sin itself.  Yet our culture insists that having an abortion to destroy the evidence isn’t a sin.  And countless apostate churches and false teachers agree with the culture.

Run, don’t walk, from “churches” that can’t state the simple truth that it is immoral to kill innocent but unwanted human beings.  The odds are incredibly high that they hold other false views, such as denying the authority and accuracy of scripture, the exclusivity and deity of Jesus, etc.

Always be prepared to point people in crisis pregnancies to your local Pregnancy Resource Center.  They’ll find all sorts of Bible-based support, and you may be helping to save lives today and for eternity.

13 thoughts on “Sex out of wedlock = sin. Getting pregnant = not a sin.”

  1. I don’t think this is true today. I think today the only people who find sex out of wedlock to be sin are conservative, Bible Christians. I think the real issue of abortion is “inconvenience,” not shame.


  2. I was talking to a former Sunday School teacher of mine a while back. His unwed daughter was pregnant, they had let her move back home. His teenage son had moved out of the house in protest (He later came back home). This is what the father said, “a baby is always a blessing”.

    Some years ago I had a Sunday School student who seemed to be troubled. I took an opportunity to speak with him privately and asked him what was wrong. He said, “My parents were not married when I was born, so God doesn’t have a plan for me.” This is what I told him and I stand by it still. People decide when and if to have sex, but God controls conception. If a child is conceived God has a plan, people may bungle the plan through ingnorance or lack of faith, but the potential is there. What about handicapped children? Same thing, God has a plan. We can’t see it, but if we have faith it is there.

    A long time ago I posted a story of the young couple who decided not to abort a hopelessly malformed baby. They spent a brief joyous time with the child after it was born although it died in 90 minutes. Then another baby received it’s heart.

    So, don’t sin, but if you do, go back to God, repent, and trust him to make the best of the consequences. Yes there will be consequences, one way or another.


    1. Some years ago I had a Sunday School student who seemed to be troubled. I took an opportunity to speak with him privately and asked him what was wrong. He said, “My parents were not married when I was born, so God doesn’t have a plan for me.”


      I can’t even reason through that one. What’s the idea – that human beings can control whether God has a plan? Does the Bible say that God only has a plan for babies born in wedlock? What ever happened to that which I heard ad infinitum as a child: “Your parents made a mistake, but you are not a mistake”?


  3. Several years ago, a young girl in our church got pregnant (outside of marriage). Her parents turned her out. A couple in our church took her in and the church reached out to help her and to love on her.

    Our pastor told us that we all knew that her actions were outside of God’s plans, but this was a chance for us to show God’s love and he reminded us that she had a (legal) choice. If we felt like she made the right choice (not aborting the baby), we needed to step up and support her and the baby.

    The baby was born, the mother continued back in her previous life-style. I think the couple that took her in ended up adopting the baby. I was glad that we stood up for the young life and the mom. I was sad that the mom went back to her previous life-style.


  4. I would agree that a baby is always a blessing. But that isn’t the point. These days, sexual impurity is not a common topic in churches as far as I can tell. If we’re going to preach about God, I don’t see how we can continue to omit preaching about the proper place for sexual relations, especially considering how out of hand the situation has become in our culture. Why would we need to deal with out of wedlock births if they weren’t happening due to a proper and widespread belief about the rightful place of sexual behavior? The Bible warns against sexual immorality. It also explains what constitutes that immorality. Indeed, I would suggest that most people are well aware of this teaching but insist that what they do is no one’s business. But whether or not that is true is irrelevant in preaching what is or isn’t sinful for a believer.


      1. Agreed. We should really pare down the membership at most churches. But too many pastors don’t really trust the word of God to do what He says it will do. And they have budgets to support and are afraid to lose $$.


      2. Not sure if how you mean “we should really pare down the membership”. It sounds like an active intention. I simply meant that pastors should speak the truth about what the Bible says and let the chips fall where they may as far as who remains after hearing that truth. The intention here is speaking the truth only. Any “paring down” would be a
        natural consequence. Just sayin’…


      1. That question is only stupid to people who regard a fetus as a “parasite” on a woman’s body, rather than a separate human being with its own heart, mind, and body.


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