In 39 months this administration has increased the national debt by $16,000 each for you and each person in your family.  Do you think it is sustainable to keep adding at that rate?  Who will pay this off, and when?

Related story: 50% of college graduates are underemployed / unemployed.

The guy they thought was the Lightbringer, the Messiah, The One, told them what their college activist ears wanted to hear, but they never took the time to transition from “fired up and involved” to “hey, would his policies actually work?”

One more thing to point out

“On the other end of the scale, the southern U.S., anchored by Texas, was most likely to have young college graduates in higher-skill jobs.”

Hmm, so, places that tend to be good Red states work best.



Theological liberals and atheists agree: They are qualified to sit in judgment of God.


Steve Harvey promotes 90 day fornication rule on TBN:

Actor, comedian, author, and radio personality Steve Harvey made an appearance on the Trinity Broadcast Network’s (TBN) show, Praise the Lord.  Airing May 11th, 2010 with Paula White as the host, Harvey talked about his book, “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man.” He specifically discussed the “90 day rule.” This rule tells women to put a man on probation before giving away any “benefits.” Harvey went on to state that he knows that the Bible says a person should wait until s/he gets married to have sex and he agrees with that whole-heartedly.  But he states that since people are not going to wait until marriage to have sex, they should at least wait for 90 days.  Paula White wholeheartedly agreed with him and didn’t correct him at all!  The crowd laughed in agreement.  The Bible warns us in Jude 18-19, “How that they told you there should be mockers in the last time, who should walk after their own ungodly lusts. These be they who separate themselves, sensual, having not the Spirit.”

What a great idea!  You can also covet, murder, steal, lie, etc. — as long as you wait 90 days!


One meme after another boomerangs on Obama.  Dog mistreatment issue?  Hey, at least Mitt didn’t eat his.  Silver spoon issue?  That ignores, as Ann Coulter called it, the silver spoon of affirmative action, and ignores Leftist icons FDR and JFK.  Attacking Romney’s faith?  Yeah, polygamy is terrible!  What, it runs in Obama’s family as well?!  Oops!  The “war on women” because you don’t want to pay for contraceptives for 30 yr. old students at expensive law schools who want to sleep around?  Uh, yeah, except the vast majority of jobs lost under Obama were from women and he has a horrible record in how he treats them (they are paid less than men in the White House).

Why doesn’t Obama run on his record instead of desperately trying to find the killer meme to attack Romney?  Oh, right . . . that record.

Hat tip for the picture: Domestic Divapalooza


Unions are generally bad and lead to entitlement attitudes, example 752 — Wealthy Michigan Teacher Upset She Can’t Retire at 47.  Their greed would be bad enough without them being so tone-deaf.  They are so saturated in feelings of entitlement that they don’t realize how ridiculous they look.


“Satan” thanks his “Christian” pastors who prayed for 40 days of abortion — nice satire. My comment to him:

Yes, “your” pastors are doing very good work for you! I see your hands all over their organizations, including the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice — the ones so clueless about science that they don’t even know that abortion kills a human being long after the “choice” to reproduce has taken place.

And nice work on your part to coach the Left on how to shriek about “separation of church and state” when authentic Christians point out that it is immoral to crush and dismember innocent but unwanted human beings but to be hypocritically silent when the fake Christians say the opposite “in the name of Jesus.”


BP follow-up — anybody remember that oil spill from a couple years ago that was going to doom humanity?  It was certainly a tragedy given the 11 lives lost and the vast expenditures, but the long-term impacts seem to be minimal.  Should we be shocked that a naturally occurring resource was dealt with by nature?


In case you missed it: “If I wanted America to fail . . .”

5 thoughts on “Roundup”

  1. Being of a slightly younger generation than you, Neil, and having grown up in a very liberal state and having attended an extraordinarily liberal school, I “get” what Steve Harvey is trying to say and why he is saying it.

    We have gotten so far away from attaching any type of moral component to sex that women are treated like lepers for not putting out on the third date. Here in Boston, some one-in-eight men expect sex on the first date. Several men have dumped me within a few weeks or months for not putting out. I’ve heard, “My friends can’t believe that we’ve been dating for two months and aren’t sleeping together.”

    In that culture, waiting three months to see whether or not the guy is a psychopath, a total jerk, married, or diseased is nearly revolutionary. Of course, it’s just common sense (see “psychopath, total jerk, married, diseased”), but it’s a far more chaste standard than a lot of people follow.


  2. Re: Steve Harvey

    Despite my own past, I do believe sex should not occur outside of marriage. That being said, our culture has gone too far. Roxanne speaks of it in her comment, that anyone is considered weird for holding off on sexual relations for longer than…now. Stan has spoken recently about incrementalism. Our culture has sunk to its current immoral depth by degrees, a little at a time. What Harvey’s suggestion can do, whether he intends it or not, is to incrementally push back in the other direction, back toward moral intelligence and sanity. Should enough people realize the benefits of putting off that first sexual episode, its possible that it might become the norm from which purity until marriage eventually regains some level of normalcy.

    Hey, I can dream, can’t I? Society can benefit so much by our cultural paradigm regarding sexual behavior being shifted to a more honorable place.


    1. The problem with Harvey was the forum. It would have been different if it was a Dear Abby column where we are used to such inconsistency and don’t expect God’s standard.

      And your past is the past, just like mine. If we set standards based on what we’ve done in the past those would be even worse than Harvey’s. It is only hypocrisy if we’re doing it now and acting like we’re not. If we’ve learned from our mistakes that is a great reason to have better standards.


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