Super creepy, but perfectly consistent with the pro-choice worldview

See Customized Kids: Parents Abort Twin Boys in Quest for Daughter for the logical conclusions of the pro-choice worldview.  Of course most pro-choicers wouldn’t do this, but that isn’t the point.  Their justifications for abortion have already laid the foundation for the “ethics” of doing it.

A couple in Australia — already parents of three sons —have announced they have aborted twin boys in their quest to replace their baby daughter, who died soon after birth.

. . .

It’s not that the woman doesn’t love her sons; she does, but she says she is griefstricken over the loss of her daughter.

Translation: I’m grief stricken over my daughter, so I’m going to kill two sons.  Keep in mind that most of the reasons justifying abortion would let her kill her sons “soon after birth” as well.

Conceiving a girl has become an obsession “that has become vital to her psychological health.”

There is a reason pro-aborts work the “health” exception into laws.  Pro-lifers are on board with exceptions for the life of the mother, but the health exception is so deliberately vague that it allows craziness like this.

The case is stirring up plenty of discussion Down Under, where one doctor — described as an IVF “pioneer” — lined up behind the couple to express his support.

I can’t see how it could harm anyone,” said Gab Kovacs.

”Who is this going to harm if this couple have their desire fulfilled?”

I’ll tell you who: The two male human beings that will be crushed and dismembered.  This is why everyone needs to know the scientific fact that a new human being is created at fertilization.  Then you won’t say foolish, anti-scientific things like this doctor did.

But a leader of a group that opposes genetic manipulation presented the opposite viewpoint. If society okays one such case, the floodgates would swing open. 
”I’m sorry they lost their daughter but, in the interests of society as a whole, they should seek some counseling for their grief and look for another way of getting a daughter into their family,” said Bob Phelps, executive director of Gene Ethics.

”They sound like good parents and could offer a home to a child who needs one.”

Yea for sanity!

I was glad to see the article close with this:

Satirists have weighed in too, in The Australian, where Stephen Lunn penned a deadpan Q&A between a physician and a hypothetical parent of three boys seeking assistance with sex selection:

Parent: My Honda dealer can customise my SUV, I can get my kitchen remodelled to incorporate a cappuccino maker and I want you to make our No 4 to be just right.

Obstetrician: You do realise thousands of women undergo the often painful and emotionally draining IVF procedure and never manage to conceive. Just to get a pregnancy is considered a miracle for many couples.

Parent: Blah, blah, emotional blackmail… how early can you test for IQ? Unless she’s smart, I’m not interested.

Obstetrician (loudly): Nurse!

Parent: Also, I want my daughter to be pretty, but not too pretty. I don’t want her life defined by her looks. And I want her to be confident but not boorish, bookish but not boring. And musical, let’s not forget musical.

Obstetrician: You don’t see any merit at all in the notion of life being a gift in itself and children being glorious uncertainties?

Me: Well, it’s not really about them, is it? It’s all about me.

Hat tip: The Wintery Knight

4 thoughts on “Super creepy, but perfectly consistent with the pro-choice worldview”

  1. The problem is the very choice shows a greater love of self than of the child. It says it is about what I want. I am having a child to make ME feel better. Not getting what I want is unhealthy. It is conditional love from the start and likely only if the child continues to make the parent feel good will that child get love in return. This is simply horrible.


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