Voter ID laws: Still not racist

If someone claims that voter ID laws are racist, you can be pretty sure they are on the side of the cheaters.  It was interesting seeing the comments from people in Europe and Canada at this post who were just as mystified as I am that anyone could possibly complain about it.  What could be a more obvious requirement than having to prove who you are when voting?

And as another commenter noted, our government wants you to prove you have insurance but not that you are a citizen.

6 thoughts on “Voter ID laws: Still not racist”

  1. Like needing their exceptions for Obamacare (unions are roughly 10% of workforce but have received 26% of the exceptions), most unions require an exception to the “Asking for Voter ID is being racist!” rule. All unions require ID before you can vote in a Union election. I suspect it gets hard to keep so many conflicting ideas simultaneously in your head while knowing which to apply depending upon circumstances. You can bet union members will be marching with signs stating voter ID laws are racist.


  2. I also don’t get it – I grew up in South Africa and now live in Ireland and I’ve needed to show ID for every election I’ve ever voted in. Even in South Africa, where race is a huge issue, this has never been considered a problem by anyone (I’m speaking of course about the genuine democratic elections since 1994 – prior to that black people couldn’t vote, so race was an issue all right, but not because of ID!).


  3. The mystery to me is not why the Democrats claim that voter ID laws are “racist” (it’s because, as you said, they want to continue casting fraudulent ballots in an attempt to steal elections)…but why so much of the public continues to buy into this crap, instead of calling them on it.


    1. They couldn’t do it without the mainstream media and a gullible public. How else could Jesse “baby daddy” Jackson and Al Sharpton not just get laughed out of the room whenever they open their mouths?


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