Faithless false teachers oppose reasonable budget

The Ryan budget proposal is good, but actually doesn’t go far enough.  We simply can’t keep borrowing money at this pace.  We will be like Greece — except with much more significant consequences — in less than 10 years.

But leave it to the wolves in sheep’s clothing to put their religion-disguised-as-politics fakery to work:

President Obama and GOP House Budget Chair Paul Ryan have each released budget plans. What’s a faithful budget? Religious leaders are blasting Ryan’s plan.

Ah, the typical generic “religious leaders” talking point of false teacher Chuck Currie.  That means nothing.  Even if they weren’t fakes, it would mean nothing.  All it would take is two people to say “religious leaders.”

As people of faith our call is clear. The bible instructs us to act with mercy and justice and to care for our neighbors.

Chuck is pro-abortion, being so perverse as to want taxpayer-funded abortions — because our problem is that we just aren’t killing enough human beings!  (And Chuck knows most of the newly killed would be minorities.  That’s sick.)

How does talk of mercy and justice and caring for neighbors mesh with destroying the unborn?  Not at all.

Together they will carry a message to Congress, asking that our national leaders defend people struggling to live in dignity by funding programs that protect vulnerable populations here and abroad.

Who could be more vulnerable than the unborn?  How about just letting them live, let alone living in dignity?  And what does “living in dignity” even mean, other than fluffy religious talk?  Dignity would be working for a living, not be bred to depend on others to fund you for life.

via  Obama And Ryan Budget Proposals: What’s A Faithful Budget? #faithfulbudget.

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