Pro-abortion “Reverend” shocked that people could be callous towards the unwanted

This is soaked with irony, and the saddest part is that false teacher Chuck Currie doesn’t even realize what a self-parody he is.  See Statement On Ash Wednesday Shootings Of Homeless Portlanders.

I urge all Oregonians to pray today for the two men experiencing homelessness who were shot early this morning under Portland, Oregon’s Morrison Bridge in what police are calling a random attack.

I think we would all agree that you shouldn’t harm homeless people.

Violence against those who are homeless is a national epidemic, according to the National Coalition for the Homeless (NCH).

Violence against the unborn — over 3,000 crushed and dismembered human beings per day — is a larger epidemic.  Yet unlike the shooting of the homeless, which everyone except the shooters knows is wrong, we have “Reverends” like Chuck who think one of our problems is that we don’t have enough abortions (he advocates for taxpayer-funded abortions).

But this is a spiritual crisis as much as a political or economic crisis.  When we allow people living on our streets to become invisible we begin the process of dehumanization and thus we see the increase in hate crimes against the most vulnerable in our society – those Jesus would have called the “least of these.”

Just replace “people living on our streets” with “unborn” and watch your hypocrisy meter explode.  Yeah, Chuck, if you ignore the homeless pretty soon people will kill the unborn simply because they are unwanted. Oh, wait, they do that already, and you think that is a moral good.

Ash Wednesday begins the Lenten season of reflection and prayer.  Let our prayers this Lent be with those children, women and men living on our streets in the most prosperous nation on earth.

Any prayers for those human beings living in the womb, “Reverend?”

The attacks today were nothing short of a terrorist attack.  The crisis of homelessness is nothing short of sin.

The far, far bigger sin is fake Christians advocating for abortion.

As always, remember that forgiveness and healing are possible for those who have participated in the abortion process.

11 thoughts on “Pro-abortion “Reverend” shocked that people could be callous towards the unwanted”

    1. He reads it religiously! (heh) Seriously, he scours the Internet for people writing about him. I’ve met several that way. He pops in, accuses them of being like the KKK or something similar, then leaves.

      He definitely reads any links I put to his blog. When I posted this one — — he immediately corrected his post and claimed that someone informed him via email. Technically, he was correct, as I’m sure he gets an email when someone links to him. In that case he had accused Pastor D.L. Foster of being racist. Then I informed Chuck that Foster is black. Then Chuck tried to wiggle out of it.


  1. “The crisis of homelessness is nothing short of sin.”

    Yeah. It’s the fourteenth commandment: Thou shalt not allow homelessness.

    It does conflict with the lib’s understanding of “Blessed are the poor”, but that’s one of those Biblical mysteries of which we on the right have been unable to unravel.

    What I would offer is more sinful, is to support legislation (and those who propose them) that results in people having fewer job opportunities.

    And how is it that when a lefty wants to champion a cause, that cause has by then reached “epidemic” proportions? As Neil states, the killing of the unborn is far more at crisis level than a few random shootings of homeless people. But more importantly, if homelessness has reached that mythic epidemic level, where was Currie as it was getting there? I mean besides supporting the very people whose policies contributed so much to it?


  2. Amazing smackdown, Neil.

    Why does the Left never discuss how their own failed policies cause the poverty they are trying to prevent? They make housing obscenely expensive via “free” money and mandates, then cry about how the “free market” caused the housing bubble. They make it nearly impossible to commit mentally ill homeless people, then can’t figure out why we can’t get people off the streets. They undermine the dignity of an honest day’s work, then can’t figure out why people refuse to get off welfare. Then, when they’ve gotten the government and their twisted interpretation of the Constitution to really make a muck of things, the “solution” is more government intervention.

    As the Queen of Swords and I were saying today, it’s like people who ignore you when you tell them to not eat ten deep-fried Twinkies a day, then, when they turn into whales, say that the only solution to their problem is to eat more deep-fried Twinkies, because eating boosts the metabolism.


    1. Great summary of Liberalism. It reminds me of Homer’s line on beer (“The cause of . . . and cure for all life’s problems”), except with Liberals they are the cause of but not the cure.


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