The 4th most despicable thing Planned Parenthood does is really despicable

Planned Parenthood has quite a track record.  Despite the irrefutable evidence for the following (and more!), they still have their cheerleaders who overlook it just because they provide birth control (as if that wouldn’t be available without PP).

1. Largest destroyer of innocent but unwanted human beings in the country.

2. Systematic hiding of statutory rape.

3. Systematic hiding of sex trafficking.  This one is ironic because the sex slave trade is one of those few things that conservatives and liberals seem to agree is really bad.  Yet the Liberals aren’t bothered that PP helps hide it.

But there is so much more: They aggressively market increased consequence-free sexual behavior to your kids and discourage you and your faith from having any influence over their sexual decisions.  They want them to become addicted while they are young.

Please watch all of this video and share it with others.  It will help combat their DNC / mainstream media fabricated issue of Republicans allegedly being against birth control.

I say this with the usual extreme irony regarding PP’s materials for youth: Even though they market them explicitly for youth — and only youth — you should make sure there are no children around when you watch this.

If your neighbor showed that to your kids, you’d call the police (after you beat him to a pulp).  So why does PP receive nearly half billion of your tax dollars each year?

P.S. If your denomination and/or pastor supports Planned Parenthood there is a virtual certainty that you are in a fake church.

14 thoughts on “The 4th most despicable thing Planned Parenthood does is really despicable”

  1. Whenever I see this manner of “info”, I’m reminded of the chiding I receive when remarking on the moral decline of our culture. There are so many examples of it in this video.


  2. This video has been all over the ‘net this past week. It really shows just what a disgusting bunch of people run PP. This is another reason to avoid public schools because they also often team up with PP for sex education. This stuff is blatant porn.


  3. Okay, I’ll be the one to say it: what ever happened to exploring? With someone you love? Doesn’t that sound more humane, fulfilling, and emotional than handing your “partner” (not spouse, not boyfriend or girlfriend or anything that implies emotional commitment and love) a list of demands of what you like, don’t like, and want to try? What ever happened to getting married and learning about each other and yourselves?

    I’m in my thirties (okay, early thirties, but still) and know a lot less than some of these PP-brainwashed kids about what I like, but I’m okay with that. Should hell freeze over and I find a husband, we’ll figure it out together and watch things develop through our marriage as our love deepens, rather than going in with no mystery, thinking we have it all figured out. Or worse, negatively comparing him to previous people, or getting mad if he can’t do things right.

    Then to brainwash KIDS into thinking that such a vision of life is backwards and stunted? Gross enough that they present kids with these images and ideas, but the icing on the cake is the way in which there is no discussion of love, crushes, the friendship that develops as people date – nothing to indicate that this is something that happens between two PEOPLE. I just can’t see how this leads to anything but objectification of one’s “partners”.


    1. Exactly! PP & Co. make it sound like you have to experiment with an endless number of people until you find the person you are most compatible with sexually. News flash: If you have a male and a female, then they are compatible. Having a safe, trusting environment will result in the most satisfying sex life. PP folks just don’t know it exists.


      1. Not to rant (ha!), but if it were true that more premarital partners make for a better marriage, the divorce rate would be lower amongst people, especially women, who experimented. Yet the reverse is true.

        What also infuriates me is how downright male-centric this whole mentality is. Now, I love men – y’all are great – but you’re not women. And the whole PP routine comes straight out of the misogyny handbook. I mean, those “Game” sorry-excuse-for-men males must cheer every time PP puts this stuff out. They couldn’t have dreamed up something more contrary to a woman’s basic psychology and instincts about what is good for her, and now PP does in, the guise of feminism.


      2. Rant away, Roxanne! That’s one of the bizarre things about feminism. Their god is sex with no consequences and rebellion to the real God. Therefore, even things that are transparently anti-women, such as sex without commitment and porn, are held as sacred by them.


  4. Oh no…why is my comment still in moderation? You’re not going to allow your readers to refute my claims? Make me sound stupid? Tell me I’m going to hell?

    “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” -Ghandi


    1. Oh no…why is my comment still in moderation? You’re not going to allow your readers to refute my claims? Make me sound stupid? Tell me I’m going to hell?

      I’ve been busy. And let’s just say that people who leave comments like “lies lies lies lies” don’t jump to the top of my priority list. History has shown them to be troll-like in nature and not the best candidates for mature dialogue.

      I will respond to one of your comments shortly. Whether it makes you sound stupid will depend on whether what you wrote sounds stupid.

      If you want to know God’s design for what determines your eternal destination, I’ll be glad to share that. Short version: You are a sinner in need of a Savior. If you trust in what Jesus did for you then not only will all your sins be forgiven but Jesus’ perfect righteousness will be imputed to your account. If you don’t accept that pardon then you’ll be punished eternally for your countless sins and rebellion against a perfect and holy God.

      “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” -Ghandi

      First, Gandhi was overrated — .

      Second, people miss the irony of his statement. While appearing to be humble, it is actually the height of arrogance. He obviously feels superior to all Christians. And if he didn’t trust in Jesus for his salvation then he hadn’t learned enough about the real Jesus to assess that.

      Jesus was God in flesh, so of course Christians will fall short of the ideal. But Gandhi thought he was good enough to meet God’s standards on his own. Epic fail.

      That non-believers throw around the Gandhi quote to feel superior as well is symptomatic of their problem.


      1. Glad someone else noticed how downright creepy Gandhi was. It’s also amusing – and sad – the way these “spiritual” “peace-loving” people always end up instituting systems that result in massive war and no “spirituality” except for getting it on with supple young women.


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