Coming soon to a country near you

It is just a matter of time for any entitlement state.  People will vote for free money (well, free to them, at least) and would rather see the country go down in flames (literally and figuratively) than give up some of their extravagant benefits.  Via Greek lawmakers approve austerity bill as Athens burns.  (Hat tip: Lone Wolf Archer

The Greek parliament approved a deeply unpopular austerity bill to secure a second EU/IMF bailout and avoid national bankruptcy, as buildings burned across central Athens and violence spread around the country.

Yep.  That’s what unions and entitled people do.  Remember Wisconsin?

Cinemas, cafes, shops and banks were set ablaze in central Athens as black-masked protesters fought riot police outside parliament.

. . .

“Vandalism, violence and destruction have no place in a democratic country and won’t be tolerated,” he told parliament as it prepared to vote on the new 130 billion euro bailout to save Greece from a chaotic bankruptcy.

Papademos told lawmakers shortly before they voted that they would be gravely mistaken if they rejected the package that demands deep pay, pension and job cuts, as this would threaten Greece’s place in the European mainstream.

Too late, I’m afraid.

“It would be a huge historical injustice if the country from which European culture sprang … reached bankruptcy and was led, due to one more mistake, to national isolation and national despair,” he said.

It will be a greater historical injustice if politicians on both sides succeed in destroying the U.S. because they were too gutless and/or incompetent to cut entitlements while we still have time.

“We are facing destruction. Our country, our home, has become ripe for burning, the centre of Athens is in flames. We cannot allow populism to burn our country down,” conservative lawmaker Costis Hatzidakis told parliament.

The air in Syntagma Square outside parliament was thick with tear gas as riot police fought running battles with youths who smashed marble balustrades and hurled stones and petrol bombs.

Remember this important graph.  The real purpose of government — defense, keeping an orderly society and manage a reliable currency — could be more than paid for with our current tax receipts.  But the entitlement spending dwarfs those costs and ensure that entitlement spending will grow.


Remember the cycle: Politicians and public sector unions funnel cash to each other — cash that they got from taxpayers.  They have no reason to change anything, and every reason to grow.

We need to elect some adults who will do something about this.

11 thoughts on “Coming soon to a country near you”

  1. What an AWFUL state of affairs…isn’t it? Glenn Beck appeared on The O’Reilly factor recently – warning about this very topic! He predicted that the riots in America will start in June, and bet a steak dinner on it. O’Reilly pompously poo-pooed the idea that America would ever turn into another “Greece.” It is really scary to see that supposedly intelligent people “don’t think it could happen here.” What is the hope of the masses ever waking up about it then??? I wish the GOP candidates would discuss this on the campaign trail and in the debates! The 30% of the public that gets its news from the Internet and blogs ARE awakened…but what about the rest of the people? They continue to watch the media of mass deception (MOMD) spin away the truth.

    Unfortunately, Obama’s “us (have-nots) against them (the so-called “rich” who provide jobs!)” lie will keep millions dependent on the government hand-outs. Obummer wants to keep the unemployment benefit train rolling right into the next election, although millions have used up the benefits and have given up looking for work. And, the MOMD continues to prop up the worse pResident in the White House (supposed to be THE PEOPLE’S HOUSE) that we have ever had in the history of our nation!


  2. For some reason I couldn’t add to that comment. Perhaps it was too long. I also wanted to say that every American needs to read Mark Levin’s new book Ameritopia. I am currently in Chapter 3 and it is an awesome book – quite the wake-up call about Utopianism vs. Constitutionalism. I wrote a post about it at my blog yesterday.

    Keep up the GREAT work here Neil!


  3. My income tax bill this year, is more than I paid for my house. I don’t see how this can go on much longer. I am afraid the entitlements will run out at the same time I send my last dollar to the government and I will be out in the street.


  4. What is totally stupid on the part of these liberals in Greece, as well as here in the U.S., is that instead of taking out their frustrations on the governments, they destroy property belonging to other citizens who are working hard to eke out a living!! So pillaging and burning is acceptable protest against the government just because you might lose entitlements?!?!?


  5. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.

    Protesting (much less actually rioting and destroying property) isn’t going to change their nation’s financial state of affairs. It’s not going to make more Euros magically appear. Arguably it makes the situation even worse – it scares off the tourists who would otherwise spend money in Greece, and it’s got to be costing a fortune to pay for all those police to put down the riots.

    What part of “your country is broke” do these people not get?


    1. This is what happens when emotion trumps logic. This is the typical union mentality; a people who will, as Lincoln noted, “burn down their barn to get rid of their rats”.


  6. Well, the battleground starts in Michigan. I am sure everyone is aware of the result of the decades long experiment in progressivism in a city called Detroit. What others might not be aware of is that the state is trying to step in and prevent runaway spending of cities and towns. They are appointing emergency managers for towns that cannot meet their financial commitments. Read the following article and see how this is positioned as a “corporate takeover” by progressives:

    The message is clear. If the state attempts to curtail budget deficits by no longer funding towns and cities, they are heartless. To progressives, like those in Greece, the answer is always to find someone to tax further so the party will not end.

    This will now end well for Michigan. At no point in the referenced article does it state they no longer have money to pay for salaries and services being promised. It is all about how heartless people are who are saying there is no longer money to pay for all of this.

    If riots break out, I predict they will happen in Michigan first.


  7. I was considering trying to get somebody to insert the story of “The Little Red Hen” and “The Grasshopper and the Ant” into a bill in congress hoping somebody would get the message. But then I remembered nobody reads those things anyway so that won’t do any good.
    I suppose I could occupy something, after all if the government can pay off student debt, surely they could pay my taxes. I am pretty sure that would work according to the economic theories they are currently using in Washington/


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