Pie chart shows devastating impact of reducing Komen donations to Planned Parenthood

By which I mean, the donations were less than a rounding error.  That slide of the pie is actually smaller than it appears.  You have to triple the amount to make the shape grow.  Actually, it isn’t a slice of the pie at all, as the knife to cut the pie is wider than that.

Komen gave Planned Parenthood $680,000, which is 0.07% of their total budget.  Note: That isn’t 7%, but point-zero-seven percent — less than one tenth of one percent.

So in response to that, PP and its radical pro-abortion supporters went on a scorched earth policy to destroy Komen.  They pretended to be all about women’s health — uh, other than the health of the victims of statutory rape and sex trafficking whose crimes they have been caught hiding, the health of all the females destroyed by abortion and the health of the women who will be hurt by the drop in donations to Komen.

Then Komen relented.  But as they are about to learn, their Netflix inspired strategy has doomed them forever.  Before, only some pro-lifers knew about the association with PP.  Now nearly everyone knows of it and pro-lifers won’t trust them.

It reminds me of the old story about the person who was convinced by a snake to pick him up and carry him.  After the naive person gets bitten he is reminded by the snake that he knew what he was picking up.  If you partner with people who kill innocent human beings for a living, don’t be surprised when they would rather see your charity destroyed than to give up point-zero-seven percent of their funding and to have anyone event hint that the death industry isn’t a swell place to be.


Here’s a comment that I left over at Hillbuzz that Kevin Dujan liked so much he added it to his post (he does great work over there battling the Leftists — be sure to check it out!):

Just when you think the Left couldn’t be more evil . . .

Let’s recap: A organization that kills innocent human beings for a living and its radical supporters were so offended by the elimination of a voluntary contribution by a non-profit dedicated to curing breast cancer that was a whopping 0.07% of their annual budget that they set out to destroy the non-profit, all the while claiming that they weren’t the ones politicizing the issue, that they were being bullied and that they were pro-women’s health. And the Leftist media supported them all the way, including perpetuating the Planned Parenthood CEO’s lies about them doing mammograms. Now Komen is distrusted and disliked by both sides and the Leftists are cheering their destruction.

The only good news is that others will think more carefully before getting involved with Planned Parenthood. Oddly enough, people who kill babies for cash or support those who do the same have some other unpleasant traits.

10 thoughts on “Pie chart shows devastating impact of reducing Komen donations to Planned Parenthood”

  1. I think this shows the weakness of PP. This was never a battle over funding amounts or budget, it was a battle over the concept and idea that PP is a worthwhile organization helping women. That idea that the core of PP is about helping women is an idea so fragile that it cannot withstand the slightest hint of disagreement. They need everyone to believe that abortion is just one of many “heath” services that PP offers women when abortion and only abortion is in fact the core of their existence and everything else is secondary. The pressure put on Koman reeks of desperation and the absolute need for PP to be seen as a health provider instead of an abortion provider. While the pressure might have succeeded in this case, it certainly does not win long term friends. Behind the glove is the iron fist and woe be to anyone donating to PP if they do not understand they must toe the line. But the tighter the grip, the more will leave as soon as there is an opportunity to do so. By resorting to extortion tactics, PP has already shown they have lost the battle for hearts and minds. Support us or we will destroy you in the media is not the act of an organization confident in it’s mission being supported by the public at large. I truly think this was a costly “win” for PP.


  2. Couldn’t agree with you more, my American friends. Planned Parenthood is nothing more than an Organized criminal entitity that will swallow their own kin just to hold power. So many liberal organizations like them across the world. These hellboys need to be stopped before they dictate our policies.


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