Good for the Susan G. Komen organization

I was glad to see that the Susan G. Komen for the Cure organization is de-funding Planned Parenthood.  Some have speculated that it could be temporary, but Jill Stanek gives some good reasons that it may be permanent (such as how PP burned bridges in leaking the story and demonizing Komen).  You can see how much PP really cares about women.  More about their “scorched earth” campaign against Komen here.

I realize there are still some concerns about Komen ignoring the breast cancer / abortion link and other things, but I still encourage people to email them at to applaud their decision and ask them to stick to it.

Predictably, the pro-abortion forces are in a full-scale tizzy.  As Stanek notes, this may be to frighten other organizations out of ending their support of PP.  The Komen funding was a rounding error for PP and their extravagant budgets, but PP wouldn’t want others to follow suit.  And of course the symbolism is embarrassing for them when an iconic pro-women’s group de-funds them.

The head of Planned Parenthood and various politicians lied and said that PP did mammograms, when the truth is that they do a minor amount of breast exams that anyone could do themselves at home.

This is a great example of the system working.  People like Lila Rose have exposed the evils of PP (beyond the destruction of innocent human life) and that is causing a lot of problems for them.  See this Planned Parenthood overview for how, in addition to being the top destroyer of human life in the country, they systematically hide statutory rape and sex trafficking (when not teaching your kids to ignore the perspectives on human sexuality that you and your religion hold).

Planned Parenthood is not good for women.  Their reaction to this situation is more proof of that.  Regardless of their real motives, I’m glad Komen stopped funding them.

12 thoughts on “Good for the Susan G. Komen organization”

  1. As pleased as I was to hear of this decision, it is a case of “right decision, wrong reasons.”

    What SGK actually said: We have a policy of not giving money to organizations that are under investigation by Congress. Therefore, funding is terminated.

    What I wish SGK had said: Funding has been terminated after it’s come to our attention that PP is an utterly reprehensible organization whose image is tainting ours. After coming under intense pressure from pro-life groups, we’ve arrived at the conclusion that it is morally wrong to fund an organization whose primary business is performing abortions, regardless of what they do or do not do for breast cancer detection. It is not right that PP aborts millions of women (infant girls) each year, while we are in the business of trying to help those who are trying to save the lives of women who suffer from breast cancer. The two are fundamentally at odds and we’ve seen the error of our ways.


  2. Komen’s money is a rounding error… which makes me think that we need one of your famous pie charts. 🙂

    What we need to scream from the rooftops is that Planned Parenthood does not perform mammograms, breast ultrasounds, or breast MRIs. Then ask the pro-aborts why money should be going to a group that doesn’t do those things, as opposed to groups that are capable of comprehensive testing.


    1. Every bit helps. PP’s president said the organization was “reeling.” Perhaps an exaggeration, perhaps not. At the very least it’s time that these people had their taxpayer money cut off.


  3. I had a good discussion with a woman at work about this. Despite PP stating on their website “At immediate risk are low-income women, many located in rural and underserved communities, served by 19 Planned Parenthood programs funded by the Komen Foundation.” the truth is funding was redirected and not cut off. The exact same amount of money will be distributed by the Koman organization. It is just not going to PP.

    PP will give up every single other service they offer before they give up abortions. it is the core of who they are. But I think it is important to not lose sight of the real battle. Defunding PP is not my focus. Encouraging and supporting women to choose life is what I choose to be my focus. I too applaud the Koman decision. But to me this is not a battle about funding. It is about life.


      1. Why does that matter? The funding was not cut, it was redistributed to other organizations for the same purpose – to fight breast cancer. That benefits all women.


      2. I’m confused. Are you saying that the $650 grand / year that was previously going to PP…is now being used for breast cancer research, or that it is now going to some other outfit every bit as nefarious as PP?


  4. People… abortion services make up only 3% of the PP total budget… yes, 3%!! Get your facts straight. You’re all despicable.


    1. “Only 3?%” Hey, the Holocaust only made up 3% of Hitler’s activities, so . . .

      If you think anyone should support an organization that destroys one innocent human being just because she is unwanted, then you are despicable. If the number is over 300,000 then you are even worse.

      Here are the real facts: Much has been made of the “abortions are only 3% of the services provided” statistical game PP plays. Click here for an excellent analysis of that —

      First, I don’t care if killing innocent human beings is only 0.00001% of your business model. If it is more than zero then I won’t support you. Same thing for systematically hiding statutory rape and sex trafficking.

      Just dig a little deeper on those PP stats. Clients obviously get multiple services, as 1 out of 9 got an abortion. So the figure is at least 11%. Women are 400 times more likely to get an abortion than to be referred for an adoption.

      And as Abby Johnson (former PP director) will attest, they get a lot of pressure to increase abortions (as opposed to getting pressure to pass out condoms or do pap smears).

      And where does their revenue come from? PP doesn’t pay these salaries based on how many condoms they give away, they get it from performing 329,455 abortions. (P.S. They are the 1% so I hope the Occupy Crowd protests them.)

      President Cecile Richards $353,819
      Chief Operating Officer Maryana Iskander $288,886
      Chief Financial Officer Maria Acosta $263,443
      VP of Medical Affairs Vanessa Cullins $257,115
      VP of General Counsel Barbara Otten $251,379
      VP of Public Policy Laurie Rubiner $248,438
      VP of Operations Karen Ruffatto $247,932
      VP of Affiliates Lisa David $245,322


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