More guns = less crime.

Liberalism lives in denial of human nature.  Gun control laws ignore that criminals don’t care about gun laws and will go to the lowest risk area.

Never abandon the 2nd Amendment!

9 thoughts on “More guns = less crime.”

  1. liberals always under-estimate human nature. Whether they presume everyone has the same drive to find work even if theyre being paid by the government to not work, or gun laws, or the death penalty.

    I am always amazed at the naivity of the left when they presume the best of humanity.


  2. Any liberal world view that rejects God existence must believe that mankind can conquer what we call sin by outgrowing it through laws, education, and evolution. By the denying man’s sinful nature, they assume the right combination of laws and education will produce the desired outcome. Failure is just because they haven’t found the right mix, not that their world view is wrong.


  3. Jeffe

    I think that is spot on. In the same way, they never see that their policies are failures, they just weren’t funded enough and need more funding. Even after the last stimulus didn’t come close to doing what they claimed it would, people were lamenting that we need another one.

    Ya know, sometimes it’s just bad policy.


  4. I would love a world without guns, and my guess is that if the whole world actually looked like Morgan’s neighborhood that might be possible. But it doesn’t. My favorite question, and the one I was hoping Ted would make this Lib explain, is why don’t they just outlaw murder? The vast majority of folks with much less intelligence than Morgan can grasp the reality that every reason he would give as to why that wouldn’t work could also be applied to guns. My guess is however that Morgan is not concerned with reality as much as he is about the utopian paradise he and his ilk envision.


  5. I love it when people who want more gun control point to the UK (a country with virtually a complete ban on firearms) and its supposed lower murder rate per-capita than ours. I always have a few questions for those people:

    – If gun control really works, shouldn’t the UK’s murder rate be ZERO, not “lower?”
    – Switzerland is awash in guns, and the fully-automatic AK-47 is commonly owned there by members of the general public…yet gun crime there is also lower than in the US. Why?
    – Mexico and many other countries, like the UK, have a virtually total ban on firearms by civilians. Yet Mexico is home to Ciudad Juarez, one of the most violent cities on Earth (some say it is worse than any in the MidEast, in fact). How would you explain this?
    – If you then concede that the question is not of laws but of enforcement…doesn’t this dovetail right into what the NRA and other pro-2nd Amendment groups have been saying all along?
    – There are already an estimated 300 million rifles, pistols, and shotguns in the United States, about one for every man, woman, and child within our borders (and billions of rounds of ammunition)…with more being manufactured or imported every day. Even a total gun ban were passed tomorrow and somehow LEO’s could put a stop to black market trading, do you really think all those guns would just go away? Or maybe it is time to concede that the answer lies not in eliminating the guns but in managing their use?
    – Common arguments for drug legalization include the notion that the so-called War on Drugs has been a complete failure and that it will never work no matter how much money is spent on enforcement. Why wouldn’t the same arguments apply to firearms?
    – What makes anyone think that strict gun laws are going to be of any value in a jurisdiction that is right next-door to several others with relatively lax restrictions?


  6. I think one of my favorite observations went roughly as follows:

    Liberals insist that we can’t possibly track down and deport all of the millions of illegal aliens living withing our borders. This is despite that all of those immigrants weigh (presumably) at least 100 pounds and must go out periodically to buy food, if nothing else.

    Yet they also insist that we CAN find all of the guns, despite that guns weigh only a few pounds and can be hidden indefinitely in closets, attics, underground caches, and dozens of other commonly hard-to-reach places in America.

    Inconsistent much?


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