Hypocrisy: He’s doin’ it right

In a head-scratching example of hypocrisy that is over the top even for him, politics-disguised-as-religion-race-baiting Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” Currie had the audacity to criticize authentic Christians for exercising their 1st Amendment rights of free speech.  I can’t imagine how even Chuck would think that organized citizens could be guilty of violating the Constitution in this way.

Chuck, of course, is the guy who spits out Democratic talking points and does whole sermons on why illegal immigration should be legal and why the Occupy movement is Christ-like.  Uh, right.

Bonus hypocrisy: I haven’t seen Chuck express concern that the President — an alleged Constitutional scholar — redefined “recess” to appoint his union donor / cronies.

In the United States there are suppose to be no religious tests to hold public office.  That’s right there in the Constitution (a document conservatives claim to love).  But religious conservatives seem to be doing all in their considerable power to decide who the GOP nominee for president will be.  In short, they trying to imposing a religious test on the presidency.  . . .  Otherwise, why are officials of the Southern Baptist Convention like Richard Land weighing in on the GOP nomination process?  We cannot afford to allow our democracy to devolve into a theocracy.  Religious liberty is at stake in 2012.

via Will Conservative Church Leaders Pick GOP Nominee?.

4 thoughts on “Hypocrisy: He’s doin’ it right”

  1. Have you seen the comment thread on his latest post about the prayer offered by a politician? He claims to be a mind reader by interpreting the prayer how he (Chuck) wants, then mocks someone for interpreting it another way. He then says in the comments “My job is to help remind people that Christianity is about fighting slavery, the Social Gospel Movement and the Civil Rights Movement. Christians have done and do a lot of wonderful, progressive things for this nation”. Where does he come up such blatant lies? And how can he keep a straight face when he says them? I couldn’t.


      1. Nope, he isn’t.
        And PS, glad you opened this blog back up. I just didn’t get around to activating your invitation, so I’m glad to see it back again.


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