False teacher roundup

The “Reverend” Katharine Jefforts Schori‘s Christmas eve message was anti-biblical gibberish.  She’s the head of the apostate Episcopal church.  Here’s a good analysis:

I’ve read this 685 word opus three times, and I still can’t figure out what she’s talking about, what it has to do with the Scripture cited at the outset, or what it has to do with authentic Christian teaching. There are oblique references and hints at stuff that is actually Christian (there’s an allusion to something Irenaeus may have said in the fifth paragraph, and she may be referring to Mother Teresa when she says “We meet that holy child in every vulnerable human being, in every one who hungers and thirsts”). Unfortunately, those get overwhelmed in a sea of platitudes, misbegotten metaphors, inappropriate analogies, and just plain heresy (“the growing redeemer in our midst”? are those who help the poor really to be said to be “redeemers”?). Anyone out there care to try to enlighten me?

Gay christian Mel White leader calls sin a “gift from God” — And he seems to think that God wanted him to abandon his family as well, just like the Episcopal Biship Vicki Gene Robinson.  It is notable how he says how long it took him to sin without embarrassment.  We call that searing your conscience.  I thoroughly addressed Mel’s pamphlet full of lies here.

Kwaanza: Still not a religious holiday.  See The Kwanzaa Con: Created by a Rapist and Torturer for an overview of this political enterprise masquerading as religion.

Saudi Textbooks Teach Kids the Correct Way to Chop off Hands, Feet — I realize that Muslims aren’t false teachers of Christian doctrine, just another false religion.  I include it here as a reminder to the Dhimmi false teachers like Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” Currie who insist that the number of “radical” Muslims is small and that we have “as much to learn” from Islam as they do from us.  Here’s the kind of foolishness Chuck & Co. preach.

Also see U.S. Mosques: 84.5% of Imams Recommend Studying Violent Texts, 58% Guest Imams Promoted Violent Jihad, 51% Texts Advocate Severe Violence.  The mainstream media and fake Christians do a great job of covering this up.

“The more I studied the more evidence of a cover-up I discovered.” — A letter from a Mormon bishop after he discovered the lies of Mormonism.  There is hope!

A good piece by Pastor Timothy: Christian Science: Deadly In More Ways than One.  He escaped from Christian Science so he has a unique perspective on it.

5 thoughts on “False teacher roundup”

  1. Hi Neil,
    Thanks for the link. However, I wouldn’t say that I escaped from Christian Science, it was more like rescued from it. 🙂

    Also, on a professional note: here at FCC Roswell we have a second congregation that meets for worship on Sunday morning before we do. They are Anglican and left the Episcopal church because of what Schori and the rest of the Episcopalians have done. It has been good getting to know their pastor and those in the congregation. They are excited to be shifting their membership from the Anglicans in Africa, to the newly formed Anglican denomination here in the U.S.

    One other note, the pastor, Rev. Bob Tally actually met Schori several years ago and said she had no business being in the ministry at all. He said it was quite obvious she had no clue when it came to Christianity.


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