Joe Paterno liked Joe Paterno. A lot.

He liked him so much that he looked the other way on a serial child rapist even when the guy was caught in the act. But contacting the authorities might have affected the reputation of Joe’s program and put his friend in jail.

Sure, Joe told his boss, but that was it.  What if it was murder instead of rape?  Would he have just notified his boss?  Really, how hard is to press 3 digits on a phone to call the police?

I’m glad that Penn State has fired those involved, including Paterno.

I’m surprised that the students rioted in defense of Paterno.  Really, kids?  The Ohio State coach was fired over what was, relatively speaking, akin to stealing a paper clip.

Sadly, those kids have probably already been victimized a second time if their abuse led them to question their sexuality, as is often the case.  The Leftists will insist that they were “born that way” and steer them from the treatment and care that could help them heal from the abuse.

There is a timeless lesson here about finishing strong and doing the right thing even if it costs you.  Joe Paterno won’t be remembered for decades of winning and the most all-time victories.  He’ll be remembered as a selfish man who put his desires over the protection of victims of child rape.  Who knows how many more victims there were because of the cover-up?

9 thoughts on “Joe Paterno liked Joe Paterno. A lot.”

  1. The fact that Mike McQueary, the guy who caught Sandusky IN THE ACT and did nothing to stop it but simply reported it to his superiors, is still in his position is rank hypocrisy to me. How can they fire the guy who reported it to the school authorities but not the guy who discovered it and did nothing more than report it? Albert Mohler, the president of Southern Seminary, said today that he checked the manual for his school and found that the official procedure for such an event was to do exactly that — to contact his or her supervisor with that report. He changed that policy today. Things need to be fixed. I’m not so sure we know how to do it anymore.


  2. I’m not a big college sports fan. (Not really a fan at all.) It’s pretty sad when anyone would want to give any of these guys a pass since by their silence, they are complicit. Neil points to a list of serious reasons why some might get an abortion and concludes that none of them trump the fact that abortion is killing a human being. My point here is that there can be no reason that justifies NOT calling the police to report this guy properly, especially if he was caught. Paterno, being the head guy in the program, is most definitely deserving of termination. To hell with his win-loss record.


    1. Well, from a “reason-based” standpoint, Joe Paterno shouldn’t be fired as he did nothing wrong. Unlike Tressel at Ohio State, he didn’t break any NCAA rules (there are no specific rules about moral objection or responsibility). He fulfilled his legal obligation and, therefore, did his job.

      Now, I say that tongue in cheek, as I don’t personally believe that for a second (and in no way do I mean to make a joke of the horrible situation those students were put through due to the lack of accountability of authority there). However, if morals are really relative (as an atheistic point-of-view might have you believe) then there is no reasonable basis for Paterno to be reprimanded in any way since he acted “properly” according to policy and never violated any objective rules or laws.

      I don’t mean to stray from the point of the post (bottom line: Paterno et al got what they deserved), but this issue kind of illustrates the hole of false logic people dig for themselves when they pick and chose when morals have an ultimate realization and when they are relative.


  3. Change the location of the discovery of underage rape from a Penn State sports facility to a Planned Parenthood office and see just how quickly liberal media outrage over not immediately reporting such incidents to the police changes. Should we hold Planned Parenthood leadership to the same standard they want to hold Penn State officials?


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