Who has seen Courageous?

I rarely go to any movies so I must confess I haven’t seen this one.  If you saw it, do you recommend it?  What did you think of it?

“We’ve minimized the role of fathers, so we’ve created a generation of barbarians—children who become men without growing up. They stay in boyhood through their 20s and 30s, sometimes their whole lives. They think of themselves first, indulge in pornography, do what they feel like, and leave their wives and culture and churches to raise their children.” —Nathan, character in Courageous novel (www.epm.org/courageous)

5 thoughts on “Who has seen Courageous?”

  1. I saw it, enjoyed it more than I thought I would, thought the message of the importance of Christian fathers was right on. I’d recommend it to anyone.


  2. I saw it and liked it. I enjoyed the humor in it. It has a well stated message that men play an important role in raising children. The formal commitment the fathers make was I think a way to enforce how they are elevating that role in their priorities. In a time when relationships are focused only on the priorities of the adults, seeing a film focused on the importance of prioritizing raising your children over your own needs is both timely and powerful.


  3. Yes, I too recommend all men see this movie. It is an inspiration and encouragement for all fathers, who have been given the direct assignment from God to lead their children to Jesus.


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