Media consistency: You’re doin’ it wrong!

But what’s new?  When the Tea Party rallies allegedly didn’t have just the right mix of diversity then the charge from the liberal media was racism.  And if you like Tea Partier Herman Cain then you are extra-racist because you are obviously just voting for him to cover up your regular racism.

Yet the Occupy protesters are having the same lack of diversity. Does the media assume it is racism?  Of course not.  They rationalize it away in the most creative ways.  See Occupy protesters eye diversity as movement grows.

The outcry against the nation’s financial institutions that has swept the country in recent weeks has crossed many boundaries, including class, gender and age. But a stubborn hurdle in many cities has been a lack of racial inclusion, something noted by organizers and participants alike.

“We, the 99 percent, have to be reaching out to the cross section of the communities that we live in,” said Tim Franzen, one of the organizers of the Occupy Atlanta movement. “If you come down to the park and spend a day I think you might have a hard time saying this is an all-white movement. We are reaching out, but we’ve got some bridges to build.”

The absence of diversity is particularly notable given that some of the larger issues surrounding the Occupy movement — including the economy, foreclosures and unemployment — are disproportionately affecting people of color. And the legacy of activism present in some minority communities seems a natural segue for such a cause, which has been linked to the strategies of the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s.

African-Americans are more inclined to rally around social justice than financial literacy causes, said John Hope Bryant, founder and chief executive officer of Operation HOPE, a non-profit organization that educates underserved and low-income Americans about personal financial responsibility.

Got that?  The alleged lack of Tea Party diversity (ignoring, again, the rise of Herman Cain) was immediately and emphatically attributed to racism, yet the admitted lack of Occupy diversity is because of a lack of concern over financial literacy (Is that guy saying that blacks aren’t financially literate?!) — even when they admit that blacks are disproportionately affected by what they are protesting.

That’s radical bias, even by the mainstream media’s standards.

Hat tip: Chuck from Facebook

8 thoughts on “Media consistency: You’re doin’ it wrong!”

  1. Thanks for the call out! I saw this article in the paper the other day and meant to call it out then but got sidetracked. Wonder if anyone wrote in to the editor on that? I’ve tried to write in a few times but kept getting disregarded so I’ve given up.


    1. I used to send lots of love notes to the Chronicle. They printed some, though a couple times they edited it so much that it may have impacted the meaning.

      That’s one nice thing about blogging: You can’t control who reads it, but you get to speak your mind publicly all you like!


  2. Not to worry, the unions are backing the occupiers along with several other liberal groups. Once they get fully up to speed, they’ll have the exact quota, I mean mix, of colors….


  3. The left needs the right to be seen as racist. That’s more important to them than whether or not the right actually might be, which it isn’t. It’s enough that they can get the majority of their sheep to believe it is true. It’s in conflict with American history, but that’s never stopped the left.


  4. Read Walter Williams most recent article. He explains how much harder it is to be racist these days. You used to just be able to call someone of color n*****, but now, you have to mask it is protesting against taxes, opposing outrageous govt spending, opposing other liberal policies, use code words and phrases. And now the racism is so glaring that you’ll even vote for a black man who is also racist in order to cover it all up. Its a lot of work to be a racist these days.


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