Mitt Romney on abortion and stem cell research in his own words — Make no mistake: He is pro-legalized abortion all the way.  He is not a conservative.  He’s better than Obama, of course, but only marginally and in the sense that it is better to smash your thumb with a hammer four times instead of five times.

Ironic Surrealism has the best and most thorough collection of the Occupy Wall Street excesses, such as this video where a large group chants about how you can have sex with animals.

Free Advanced Pro-Life Apologetics course — Scott Klusendorf is a master at his craft.  I highly encourage both sides to take these courses.  Pro-lifers can use them to better defend life.  Pro-aborts can use them to learn more about the other side.

The Crusades are still referred to reflexively as an alleged example of Christian excesses.  While there is some truth to that, the entire story is much different.  Courtesy of Stand to Reason:

Here’s a helpful article describing the real history of the Crusades.  Some key facts:

  • They were a defensive response to centuries of Muslim aggression.
  • Attacking Jews was condemned by the Pope and never the purpose of a Crusade
  • Crusaders for the most part were pious men who sacrificed a great deal to go on a crusade 

Chew on this, Warren Buffett & Co.! — GOP introduces its own Buffett Rule: Add explicit donation option to tax returns.  They could have done that all along, but this shines a light on their faux generosity.

Gay domestic terrorist groups are getting violent.  Where is the news coverage?  Where are the cries of hate crimes?  Are the pro-gay groups, including the alleged Christians in that camp, guilty for inciting this?  (Hey, that’s their logic if a gay ever gets hurt, as if the perpetrators just came from a Focus on the Family “Love Won Out” conference.)

Ron Paul pro-life ad — good for him!

Remember who got 20% of his 2008 funding from Wall Street and who got more from Wall Street than anyone else in the last 20 years, including George W. Bush.

President Obama tells a big lie about a teacher to advance his agenda and the media ignores it.

Video: Occupy Portland Protesters Sing “F*ck the USA” — Charming.  Not surprisingly, false teacher Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” Currie says that supporting Portland and other “Occupy” movements is the Christian thing to do.

3 thoughts on “Roundup”

  1. Great roundup! I would point out that while Ron Paul says he is pro-life, he also thinks it is a matter for the states to handle. Excuse me? This from a man who claims to be pro-Constitution, and who probably has made an idol out of the Constitution? If abortion is the taking of a human life, which it is, and which Ron Paul believes it is, and innocent human life is protected in the Constitution from being taken, which it is, then the matter of taking the lives on innocent unborn humans is a federal, not a state matter!


  2. “Gay domestic terrorist groups are getting violent” – doesn’t the word “terrorist” sort of imply violence? Having said that, “gay terrorists”, come on, what are they going to do? Re-hang the curtains?


    1. It was bricks-through-windows violence with promises for more. Can you imagine the outcry if the roles were reversed?

      And shame on you for your curtain-hanging comment, which perpetuates unfortunate stereotypes. Hater! Hate speech! 😉


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