Questions to ask the Occupy Wall Street crowd

Wow, these people are the gift that keeps on giving!  The contrasts to the Tea Party couldn’t be more glaring.  We could run these 24×7 for the next year.

And here’s another set of . . . uh . . . well-informed critics who are not sure if Al Qaeda is Worse than Evangelical Christians.

Then there are these jewels about Communism.

In a better world the mainstream media would ask these fairly obvious questions.

1. What percentage of total income tax receipts should the top 1% of earners pay?  Now, they might say something silly like 100%, because their overriding motive seems to be coveting.  But it would be interesting to see if they would say a figure higher than 38% (the actual amount).

2. Did you know that Barack Obama got 20% of his record 2008 contributions from Wall Street?  Did you know that he is the largest recipient of Wall Street donations ever?  Did you vote for him?  Will you vote for him again?

3. Do you approve of violent means to make the top 1% pay their “fair share” and/or to overturn capitalism?

Dear OWS folks: Please, please, please don’t go away.  The more attention we get on you the better.  Nothing could advance conservatism faster than people learning more about you.

7 thoughts on “Questions to ask the Occupy Wall Street crowd”

  1. Has it hit anyone that these people have reverted back to kindergarten, where everyone has to be even? As though if the rich didnt bring enough money for the rest of the country, they cant have any themselves.


    1. Good point, and funny, and it makes them sound even more immature than they already did before kindergarten was mentioned. On the other hand, I think Mark Steyn and others argue that even kindergarten shouldn’t be run the way it is these days, and that if these kids hadn’t been inculcated with pleasant-sounding but poorly thought out bromides about fairness and self-esteem (i.e., narcissism?) in elementary school, they might have turned out a lot better.


  2. The second video really shows how these people are being duped by their leaders, by asking the question: “do we really know???” It sounds like facts and truth are laid aside to spur these people on for the leaders agenda. I never really was sure about what he really wanted… and I doubt he really knows either. Sad… that they are so delusional.


  3. They talk about corporate greed but seem to overlook their own greed where they should have everyone else pay for them to do what THEY want!

    Let’s see, if your boss fires you because he doesn’t want a pervert working for him, that is a problem with capitalism?!? And if the guy loves Red China so much, why is he living here? These people cannot live their claimed philosophy.

    The denial of historical events – millions killed by communists – would be funny if it wasn’t so dangerous. They probably think the Holocaust was made up also. And the claim of wanting accuracy in the historical record was laughable while listening to them revise history.

    He has no opinion?!? His very being there established the fact that he has an opinion on the issues.

    ARGH!! Liberals drive me crazy with their illogical thinking.


  4. What really bothers me is that the government gives our USA contracts here and the companies take the work overseas. Just like the electric cars went to Finland 500 jobs we could do here and they got the loan here and took the jobs to Finland. The USA government contracts should have to be done in the USA by legal USA citizens. Our trade with China and other countries should be on a more even playing field for all parties


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