Thoughts on the “Occupy Wall Street” self-parody

I’d rather be part of the 53% movement (workers who pay taxes) than the 99% movement (covetous, spoiled whiners who fail at basic economics).

1. The OWS (Occupy Wall Street) movement is sad.  I see lots of college-educated people who can’t see how ridiculous this movement is.  They live in a liberal echo-chamber and never consume any conservative media, so they are hopelessly uninformed.  They spout inane things finally making the rich pay, even though the top earners pay wildly disproportionate amounts of taxes.

2. They tend to be petty and bitter as well.  They continually refer to the Tea Party by the “teabagger” pejorative.  I guess they must be homophobes, because why else would they call conservatives the term of a gay sex act?  Haters!  Hate speech!

3. The anti-capitalists have rightly been mocked for using all sorts of capitalist tools to convey their message.  And they’ll need capitalists to clean up the filth they are leaving behind.

4. Do they really expect us to believe that 99% of the country is poor?  Have these people ever seen real poverty?  They should get outside of the U.S. sometime.  I’ve met countless people who would love to upgrade to being “poor” in America.

5.  Sad but true.  But they are the tolerant ones, right?

6. Their hero and leader, Barack Obama, got 20% of his record funding from Wall Street and he took more money from them than any candidate, ever.  His fans don’t know that so they don’t see the hypocrisy.

7. This is not a grass roots thing.

7 thoughts on “Thoughts on the “Occupy Wall Street” self-parody”

  1. The 99% demonstrations and the tea Party are really a clash of two visions for the future. The type of America progressives want is one where “fairness” is the law and justice is achieved when fairness is achieved. This requires wealth redistribution to achieve fairness. And it requires justice not be defined as everybody following the same rules but as ends justify the means to achieve fairness.
    The alternate vision of America is that espoused by the Tea Party movement about getting back to an America where there is opportunity for all to become part of the 1%. You can create your own success if you work hard enough and provide something people want. Thery are concerned that opportunity is being lost by too many government regulations and barriers to entry of new businesses.
    Progressives see the current amount of national wealth and want to redistribute it. The Tea Party sees the current amount of national wealth and wants to GROW it. It is a clash over if the role of government is to grow wealth or redistribute it.


  2. I have been amused at the ignorance which calls for a minimum wage of $20/hr and deleting the need to pay of student loans.

    How about I don’t have to pay off my mortgage? Or a car payment? Ya know, it just isn’t fair that I have to pay back money I borrowed. It must be due to the greed of banks and Wall Street.


  3. If found it ironic that Alec Baldwin stopped by to show his support. I seem to remember that he does ads for …………a bank. I’m guessing the folks down there aren’t even aware of the irony.

    How can I get my kid out of paying student loans, sounds like a plan to me 🙂


    1. Covetousness is one of their defining traits, endlessly telling God that He didn’t distribute things properly and that they need to fix his mistakes.

      Of course, they never take their worldview to its logical conclusions: To the rest of the world, they are the “99%,” yet they have no intentions of giving away nearly all that they have to balance things out.


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