Evolutionary Psychology is ridiculous, part 79

Via The jaw-dropping brilliance of evolutionary psychology: Darwin explains wife-beating:

From Wendy Zukerman, “Domestic violence gets evolutionary explanation” (New Scientist September 2011):

Each year more than 500,000 women in the US alone report to the police violent attacks by current or former male partners. There is a reason why domestic violence is so widespread, says David Buss, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Texas in Austin: it carries a selective advantage, tied with reproductive success. In other words, men who are violent are trying to make sure that their partner has his child and not another man’s.

Does that also explain men who violently force their wives to abort their own children, that they know are theirs?

This is one of the problems of those clinging to the Darwinian worldview.  Everything they find has to be caused by evolution — including my conversion from atheism to Christianity based on my trust in the evidence for the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

But their foolishness knows no bounds.  They “know” why men beat their wives (evolution!) and why they don’t beat their wives (evolution — what else?!).

Great theory, eh?  I’m sure that study was peer-reviewed, so you know it is legit!

I’ve got a better answer, backed up daily by roughly seven billion people, not to mention everyone who previously lived*: Original sin.

* Except one

6 thoughts on “Evolutionary Psychology is ridiculous, part 79”

  1. The theory is that everything — or at least, every human experience, thought, action, etc. — is caused by evolution.

    I see.

    Evolution of the Gaps.


  2. My biggest concern is how much such thinking undermines our justice system. If we simply ‘evolved that way’, why would we be responsible for our actions, and why should there be punishment for such behaviors?


  3. I’ve always wondered what, given the “fact” that all our bad behaviors are just the natural outcome of Evolution, they would recommend we do? I mean, we already know that if “I’m born that way” there is no reason to consider it “bad”. It seems like this should eliminate prosecuting people for crimes. “Hey, hey! You can’t throw that rapist in jail! He was just born that way! He’s not responsible for his actions. Evolution made him so! Cretin.” (For that matter, if all our behaviors are the product of Evolution, why would be praise positive behaviors either? I mean, they were just born that way. They didn’t accomplish anything but acting on their natures.)


    1. Jack & Stan — yes, that is the logical conclusion of their worldview. They try to avoid pointing to that, because it adds to the absurdity of it. In the same way, the Social Darwinism of Hitler, Margaret Sanger (found of Planned Parenthood), et al is perfectly logical if Darwinism is true.


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