Cohabiting couples 8 times more likely to abort than married couples

See Holy smoke: check out the disparity in abortion rate between cohabiting and married couples.  Once again, defying God’s guidelines for sex and marriage has painful and deadly consequences.

6 thoughts on “Cohabiting couples 8 times more likely to abort than married couples”

  1. I read somewhere (Guttmacher’s statistics?) that married women have 1/6th of all abortions, and unmarried (single, divorced, or widowed) have the other 5/6ths.

    If you’re cohabitating, why not just have the baby? If “marriage is just a piece of paper” and you love each other enough to share the same house, what’s the problem? I could understand (although I disagree with) teenagers having abortions, but presumably, these people are in their 20s and 30s and more than capable of supporting a child.


      1. …and your chances of living in poverty are 1/6th of what they would be otherwise, your chances of “needing” an abortion drop by a factor of five, the chances that your kids end up in jail drop by a factor of four or five… and I could go on.

        (Ann Coulter does a great job of linking almost every societal ill with not having the common sense to save sex for marriage. STDs, poverty, crime, depression, dropping out of high school – you name it, it’s there.)


      2. I’m reading Ann’s newest book “Demonic” right now. Good stuff. The thrust is that the Left is nothing but a big mindless mob, inspired by the bloody French Revolution.

        Didn’t care much for all of her remarks about Palin, but other than that I’m a fan.


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