I’ve been trying to do more individual posts instead of roundups, but there has been a lot of craziness lately.  Here goes.


A great response to Bill Keller of the NY Times — He may be intelligent but he isn’t wise.  His analysis was horrible.  He also tips his hand in conceding the phony religiosity of people like Obama and Clinton.  After all, they claim the name of Christ as well.  But the Left doesn’t think they are really Christians so they don’t get upset about it.  But when Perry and Bachmann appear to really believe, then Keller and the other bigots freak out.


I’m all for breast cancer research, but here’s why I don’t donate to the Susan Komen Foundation: Komen 2010 donation to Planned Parenthood hits $569,000

When asked, Komen states that gifts to Planned Parenthood are justified because PP does mammograms. The black eye got even darker when it was revealed that PP actually does not do mammograms, but routine breast exams that a woman can do on herself.

The biggest problem with the PP donation is that a legitimate abortion-breast cancer link has been documented in studies. So, Komen gives funds raised to cure breast cancer to an organization that is increasing breast cancer risk as the nation’s largest abortion provider.

Hey Komen organization:  Call me when you stop supporting an organization that kills babies for a living.


Is the mainstream press addressing how Gibson Guitars, owned by a Republican contributor, was raided by the Department of Justice on a petty charge while its competitor, owned by a Democratic contributor, was not?   Do Liberals care about what might be a massive abuse of power?


Are you smarter than Rick Perry?  Here’s a test for the oh-so-smart class: Do you think there is a Social Security “trust fund” or “lockbox” where the contributions to date are stored?  If so, then Rick Perry is a lot smarter than you.  He knows that Social Security is a Ponzi scheme.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is ignorant or lying to you.  From the video at the link:

We need to have a conversation with America, just like we’re having right here today. And admit that it is a Ponzi scheme for these young people. The idea that they’re working and paying into Social Security today, that under the current program is going to be there for them, is a lie. It is a monstrous lie on this generation and we can’t do that to them

Perry also said he stood for the rights of non-believers.

Also see Perry on Obama: How “smart” do you have to be to let the economy get this bad? — This should be fun!  The DNC and its media and theologically liberal allies are going through the laundry list of memes about Rick Perry — religious nut, stupid, etc.  But if Obama & Co. are so brilliant why have they failed to achieve any of their economic commitments?

And if Obama is so smart, what were his college grades?  Oh, right, he won’t release them.


Here’s a good response to the made-up “dominionist” charge against Bachmann and Perry.  The anti-religion bigots / haters seem to be test-marketing that meme.

Great analysis by Stan on the “God and sex-slaves” debate.


Homosexual students automatically eligible for scholarship: Elmhurst college — So how do they test for that?  Here’s a shocker: The college is associated with the apostate United Church of Christ.

In a recent statement, David Smith, executive director of the Illinois Family Institute, criticized the college’s comparison between sexual orientation and ethnic identity

“In defending their decision to include a question about ‘sexual orientation,’ by asserting an offensive and absurd comparison of race to a condition constituted by subjective desire and volitional sexual acts, Elmhurst College administrators reveal their own ignorance,” said Smith.
Elmhurst is affiliated with the liberal leaning United Church of Christ, which became the first denomination in the country with an openly gay minister when it ordained William Johnson in 1972.


Rep. Carson Accuses Tea Party Representatives in Congress of Wanting to Lynch Blacks — Subtle.  I think this is the guy who declared war on the Tea Party.  And we have Congresswoman Maxine Waters saying Tea Partiers should go to Hell.  Can’t you feel the love and tolerance?

So when race riots break out can we blame Carson and all the other race-baiters?  Shouldn’t the media be asking if the black-on-white flash mob attacks have been instigated by this inflammatory rhetoric?

Rep. Carson has a history of making unsupported accusations of racism at the Tea Party. You may recall that he is the Rep. who claimed to have been called the N-word “15 times” while passing through a group of Tea Party protesters on Capitol Hill. When video appeared that refuted part of his story (he wasn’t mobbed and received no police escort) he changed his story. No video supporting his N-word claim ever appeared.


If you ever wondered how coordinated the liberal media bias is, read about Journolist.  It is interesting how quickly these “independent” fact finding types all agree on the same meme, such as tying Sarah Palin to the Arizona shootings.  What is really interesting is how fake Christians like Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” Currie immediately came out with the same Palin chatter — almost as if he was on the distribution list for the DNC talking points!  He was right on time and on script with the Perry bashing as well.


Good overview of false teacher Benny Hinn.  He is so transparently fake that I barely feel sorry for those duped by him.


President Obama has Tour Buses Flown to Stump Speeches — Remember the taxpayer-funded campaign tour?  It is much worse than you thought.  He didn’t just blow $2m on buses made in Canada, he had them flown around just so he could appear to be riding in them.  Your tax dollars (not) at work!


Gay activist explains how same-sex marriage will change marriage — Hey, I thought they didn’t want to change it?!   Seriously, read the post and note how flippant they are about “non-monogamous same-sex marriage.”

9 thoughts on “Mega-roundup”

  1. – Komen: My g/f and my mother are upset with me because I refused to participate in the Susan Komen For the Cure benefit walk awhile back. My mother is a breast cancer survivor and thinks this organization is the cat’s pajamas.

    When asked why, I explained that SK gives money to PP, who perform abortions, which I find reprehensible. Of course, I was promptly told (by my s.o.) about all the wonderful things Planned Parenthood does, like provide birth control. Snort. You know, I don’t care if Planned Parenthood also provides food for starving little kids. That’s like saying maybe Hitler wasn’t such a bad guy he was kind to his dog.

    I would certainly love to ask the head of the Susan G Komen organization, “Why isn’t 100% of your after-expenses revenue going to…oh, what was it….CANCER RESEARCH? Why are you involved with Planned Parenthood in any way to start with – what in the name of Sam Houston does its ‘mission’ have to do with yours? If you guys have all this extra cash burning a hole in your pocket, why don’t you put it toward its intended purpose?”

    It’s plenty bad enough that Planned Parenthood gets taxpayer money. The Hyde Amendment provides that federal dollars aren’t to be used for abortion, but that would be like Iran getting our taxpayer dollars, and saying, “Oh, it’s okay. We only use the American dollars to buy food for our army. It’s definitely not used for nuclear research.” What the hell difference does it make – it’s all going into the same pot!

    And yeah – I just compared Planned Parenthood to the government of Iran. I am not sure which I find more abominable.


    1. Great points, especially about why Komen wouldn’t use the $$ for research. If they have enough to give to PP, they obviously don’t need my money.


      1. After further thought, I’ve come up with a theory on why these two are linked.

        See, some people (liberals) consider fighting breast cancer (SK’s ostensible purpose) as not just a medical issue, but a “women’s issue.” Likewise, slaughtering the unborn in the womb for the mother’s convenience is also a “women’s issue.”

        It’s just like the cause of equality in the workplace or rape prevention or sexual harassment or anything else that women’s groups are always going on about.

        To some of these groups, these causes all go together. To them, it’s perfectly logical (and perfectly OK) to solicit donations to fight breast cancer, then turn the money over to other groups that have nothing whatever to do with that cause.


  2. Does anybody else think there’s something wrong with the “Jornolist” list serve existing in the first place? It’s like an edible toilet seat. Something which has no business even being a real thing.

    I find it rather odd that our “unbiased” media needed to create a place on the Internet where they could powwow with one another and agree on what the “news” that day is going to be. Aren’t the media supposed to be made up of independent competing organizations…not colluding on how they’re going to swindle and fool the public today?



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