Here’s a bumper sticker I can support

This is much better than the “Coexist” sticker.  I have nothing against coexisting — and actually like the idea — but I deny the “all religions are equally valid” nonsense.

There are over 100 passages in the New Testament noting that Jesus is the only way to salvation, and you can’t flip many pages in the Old Testament without seeing the Israelites in trouble for worshiping false gods.  It is impossible for Christianity and another religion to both be true on the essentials of the respective belief systems.  It is such simple logic, but out of ignorance or political correctness too many people deny it.

Hat tip: runlevel 5 (pointer)

12 thoughts on “Here’s a bumper sticker I can support”

  1. Amen, Neil! Not only does the Bible tell us that Christ alone is THE way, THE Truth, and THE light – the Bible is consistent in telling the people of God not to intermarry with worldlings nor allow the culture of world to drag us away from the one True religion of worshiping the biblical God, by faith in the biblical Jesus.

    Blessings to you and yours, from an old friend in the PC business 🙂


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