Obama working hard to keep his promises . . .

. . . to bankrupt the coal industry and make electricity rates skyrocket.  See Lisa Jackson is Using the EPA to Destroy the Coal Industry.  Sadly, this is one area where he is being successful.  It will only make unemployment, bankruptcies and stock prices worse.  Hope and change, baby!

Elections have consequences.

Side note on the debt issue: Sadly, all I’ve seen from friends and family on the Left are calls to tax the rich.  They even use “revenues” instead of “taxes,” just like they were told.  I wish my employer could legislate “revenues” with armed force!  One person asked which side Jesus would be on.  Answer: The opposite side of coveting and the opposite side of asking “Caesar” to take from neighbor A by force to redistribute to neighbor B, especially when it will put neighbor B in bondage.  Oh, and the opposite side of spending more than 50% more than you take in.

3 thoughts on “Obama working hard to keep his promises . . .”

  1. The government takes in plenty of taxes for Constitutional and necessary spending. The problem is the a huge chunk of spending is un-Constitutional. They continue with pork barrel projects, and funding things like the National Endowment for the Arts, etc. They don’t really care about debt – they just want more money to spend on pet projects.


  2. Coal: good-paying jobs for workers without much education, cheap energy that helps poor people make ends meet, and jobs that stay in America (it’s hard to outsource a mine). Also, it can mean money for poor Native American tribes.

    If the conservatives were trying to shut down the industry, liberals would say that we hate poor people.


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