These clinics should merge with Planned Parenthood

See Three Louisiana abortion clinics cited for failure to report child rape – Jill Stanek.  They had a host of irregularities, and I’m glad that the Louisiana authorities found them.

. . . So this abortion mill has NEVER reported ANY suspected child rapes to Louisiana authorities.

That is sickening.  What kind of monsters hide suspected child rapes?

Other findings at Causeway:

  • One of the “Physician[s],” a term I always use loosely when speaking of abortionists, “had restrictions on his medical license that did not allow him to perform deliveries.” So this guy has committed such gross malpractice in the past that Louisiana authorities have banned him from delivering patients.
  • Patient confidentiality was lax: Aborting mothers had to sign in with first and last names that others could see.
  • Ack: The vaginal ultrasound probe was not cleaned properly between uses.

Uh, what happened to that sound bite about abortions being “safe?” The link has even more example of what these clinics did wrong.

Why are abortion mills persistently and perpetually found to neglect their patients, subjecting them to significant health and safety risks?

Because Democrats will do anything to avoid restricting abortions.

They would fit in well with the Planned Parenthood model, because PP hides rape on a regular basis.  They’ve been caught so many times over a period of years on audio and video.

Defund Planned Parenthood now.

5 thoughts on “These clinics should merge with Planned Parenthood”

    1. Neil’s point, obvious to any non-troll, is that if the reason for legal abortion is safety, then those who promote abortion really ought to push for every safety law and restriction possible. Not only to the pro-aborts not advocate for additional patient and child safety laws, they actively oppose them.

      Ergo, this isn’t about “safety”; it’s about killing a baby in the womb because, darn it, women feel so oppressed, and the way to be un-oppressed is to stick it to a group that is more vulnerable than your own.


  1. “Yes, coat-hangers in an alley is much safer.”

    This is an attempt at arguing purely from pathos. And it’s not even a good example of how to convincingly do so. It’s really just trolling. What’s more, it’s not even good trolling. You haven’t really argued anything.

    Watch this video:

    It will teach you how to troll. The pertinent part begins at 2:15. Pay very close attention at 2:40- trolls have particular difficulty on this particular aspect of trolling.


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