Reminders about the Human-caused Global Warming / Global Climate Change hoax

Significant global warming / global climate change isn’t true, but if it was, it wouldn’t necessarily be bad.

Even if it was true and bad, we don’t have evidence that humans are causing it

Even if it was true and bad and true that humans were causing it, it still doesn’t mean we can make China and the rest of the world change things to make a difference.

Oh, and did I mention the hypocrites like Al Gore living in multiple mansions, flying personal jets, fathering 4 children, etc., who make hundreds of millions off of this scam, all the while telling you not to do those things?

Why does the Leftist skepticism disappear with those who want to give the government a permanent and unlimited blank check to control your lives?

Why do these people exhibit such transparent coveting?  Remember, coveting isn’t just wanting more, it is wanting to have more than others.  Think about all the politicians and profiteers who have so much yet don’t want the poor of the world to improve their lot in life.

Oh, but X% (insert really big number for “X”) of “real” scientists agree about global warming!!  Yes, they say that because they know their careers will be destroyed if they don’t.

From Ann Coulter:

CRU was regularly cited as the leading authority on “global climate analysis” — including by the very news outlets that are burying the current scandal, such as The New York Times and The Washington Post. The CRU alone received more than $23 million in taxpayer funds for its work on global warming.

. . .

Most disturbingly, the CRU-affiliated “scientists” were caught red-handed conspiring to kill the careers and reputations of scientists who dissented from the religion of global warming. Indignant that scientific journals were publishing papers skeptical of global warming, the cult members plotted to get editors ousted and the publications discredited.

This video is a great overview of the issue.  Get educated, folks!

Hat tip: Red State

12 thoughts on “Reminders about the Human-caused Global Warming / Global Climate Change hoax”

  1. Questions never answered about global warming by those who favor massive changes in our economies to prevent it:

    What is the correct temperature for earth and what is the basis for that being the right temperature?

    What is the total cost to achieve and maintain that temperature?

    if that cost was invested elsewhere such as insuring potable water is available to more people, would you agree to that instead if it would improve more people’s lives overall?

    Do you support nuclear power as a tool to help prevent global warming? if not, why not?

    Do you believe global warming can be prevented without significant changes in population growth? If not, what is the correct population the planet can safely support? How would you propose to achieve that population number?

    What is required for you to declare we have achieved a satisfactory solution to global warming and no further effort is needed?

    If the science is “settled” they should be able to answer these questions. But they never do answer them, do they?


  2. Those are the same questions I’ve had for some time now.

    Besides, isn’t all this “bad stuff” (changes in the sea level and so on resulting from melting polar caps) supposed to be gradual and incremental? It’s not like a wall of water is going to come rushing into downtown Miami one day in the 22nd century.

    I have heard this complaint voiced in particular by some island chain in the Indian Ocean, saying that if the sea rises too much, their entire country will have to be abandoned.

    That’s a very sad thing to hear, but it might happen even if we do go ahead and wreck our economy trying to impose controls on “greenhouse gases.” In fact, I believe I heard one of these alarmist types say that it’s already too late…that warming is a runaway train and that adopting Kyoto and all the rest won’t save us. Besides…why couldn’t their main islands be walled-off to keep the ocean out? I’m sure the international community could spare a few billion to build some dikes.

    If the sea rises a few feet, we build dikes around the rest of the world’s coastal cities as the Dutch have done in their country, grow palm trees in Alberta, and life goes on.

    We’re not going to sit here and do nothing while San Francisco disappears underneath the waves.


  3. Good analyses, but, don’t expect it to make a bit of difference to the Global Warming/climate change religionists.

    Immutable truths about Liberals number 22: Liberals not only refuse to admit their mistakes, they refuse to learn from them.


  4. The main thing is that history has shown that the earth goes in cycles of warming and cooling. 30 years ago we had “the sky is falling” claims of global cooling. I’ve read where much of the changes coincide with sunspot activity.

    Volcanic eruptions have spewed more poisons in the air than any man-made stuff, and we haven’t disappeared from the planet yet. I think God knew what He was doing when He created earth, and I think HE is in charge of any warming or cooling, and HE will determine when it will be finished.


    1. Exactly.

      Has anyone pushing this crisis stopped to ask why the weather got warmer in the 1000s, allowing Vikings to colonize what’s now Greenland…and then colder again in the 1200s?

      The Industrial Revolution, with all its evil coal-burning and whatnot, was still centuries away. What happened?


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