UCC “Minister” Jeremiah Wright: Still a racist

Check out the video where he says all whites are liars, and listen to the congregation cheer him on — Obama’s 20 Year Spiritual Mentor Rev. Jeremiah Wright Tells Church Youth “All Whites Are Liars”

But his racism and hate only started after Obama started running for President, right?

5 thoughts on “UCC “Minister” Jeremiah Wright: Still a racist”

  1. This is just further evidence of Obama being a false convert. 20’s years of being a Christian and you can’t say that Jesus is the Only way of salvation?????

    Come on now…..


    1. Oh, I heard/read the speech. Bunch of politically-inspired B.S. That was about the only time he ever spoke of white ancestry. He considers himself black, the media considers him black, and just about everyone who voted for him considers him black. That old “one drop of black blood makes you black” thing. Everywhere you hear how he is our first “African American” president (Wasn’t that Bill Clinton?). Firstly, where is Africa America? Secondly, why isn’t he ever called “white” since he has the same amount of white as he does black? He disdains his white parentage because that did nothing for his political career. He only uses it now when expedient.


  2. The video is such a an indictment of Wright’s complete lack and understanding of the gospel. If he were true to the gospel, instead of calling white’s a bunch of liars, he should have been saying we are all liars, after all, that is what Scripture says.


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