Which states have the best workforces, right-to-work or forced union?

The right-to-work states, of course.  It is a common sense notion backed up by facts — though the union thugs and Liberal elites are impervious to both.

Via Best Workforces Are In Right-To-Work States, Survey Finds:

This may just be a coincidence but, out of the 50 states, there are 22 states that do not force people to pay union dues as a condition of employment. Workers in these states are often viewed derisively by union extremists as being somehow inferior to their union counterparts. However, a new study published by CNBC may blow that myth out of the water.

When it comes to America’s Top States for Business 2011, when it comes to a quality workforce, 18 out of the top 20 states are Right-to-Work states. Moreover, all 22 Right-to-Work states are in the top 25 states for having the best workforces.


5 thoughts on “Which states have the best workforces, right-to-work or forced union?”

  1. Sometimes, I’m glad to have the studies to back us up; other times, I’m just mad that we need studies to confirm that which should be totally logical. It’s like, do we need academics to study whether or not the sun will continue to rise in the east, as it has every day for billions of years? Do we need anyone to confirm that people work harder when they can be fired for incompetence than when they cannot be?


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