What do you do when you disagree with Jesus?

C’mon, you can admit it.  Sometimes you read what Jesus said and your first instinct is to disagree or disobey.  So what do you do then?  See I disagree with Jesus and read the whole thing.

This is where real-live, actual, gritty, street-level discipleship either happens, or begins to collapse. To a man, we Christians claim Jesus Christ as our Lord and Teacher. That being the case, we necessarily claim to believe that we have been entrusted with the Teacher’s Guide. This will have an impact on our thinking, when we come to these forks in the road.

There are fundamentally two ways of handling such experiences, and only two:

  1. We change; or
  2. We try to change the Word.

Over the years, we boys here at Pyro have (among many other things) Biblically evaluated the movements of those who opt for #2. There are 1000 ways to take that route. You see it in “evangelical” feminists,  “evangelical” evolutionists,  “evangelical” egalitarians,  “evangelical” homosexuals and the like. You see it, not merely in his conclusions, but in the way Rob Bell approaches the issue of Hell. These are the people who falsely envision the Christian life as a series of negotiations with God as with an equal, rather than an series of conquests of the Cross over the pagan outposts within us all.

There are 1000 ways to take Route #2, and all have the same end on one level or another.

Disciples take the former option.
And false teachers take the first option.  They start the rationalization machine: Paul was a misogynistic “homophobe,” the Israelites wrote what they wanted God to have said, Jesus didn’t really say all that, and on and on.  It is your basic Dalmatian Theology, where they claim that the Bible is only inspired in spots and that they are inspired to spot the spots, or Advanced Dalmatian Theology, where God is also changing spots and adding/removing spots, and, oddly enough, He is only telling theological liberals and progressives.

So the net is that they get to sit in judgment of God and become the authors of what is “really” in the Bible.  What could go wrong with that?

Run, don’t walk, from “churches” denying that the original writings of the Bible turned out exactly as God wanted them to and who won’t submit to what God revealed in his word.

2 thoughts on “What do you do when you disagree with Jesus?”

  1. There are getting to be more and more of these churches, sad to say. We know, don’t we, that the culture was much different in Bible days, and they just didn’t understand today’s more enlightened culture! Yeah, right.


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