Your tax dollars at work

Via Radical gay-sensitivity training at USDA may become government-wide program — this is another consequence of turning sexual preferences into civil rights.

WASHINGTON, DC, June 28, 2011 ( – If homosexual activists at the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) have their way, a radical “gay sensitivity” training program developed by the department could soon be coming to every federal agency, the Washington Times reported Sunday.

. . .

The briefing refers to the belief that marriage should be restricted to a union between a man and a woman as “heterosexism,” and compares the belief to racism.

Got that?  If you believe what nearly every culture and religion taught for thousands of years, along with the scientific fact that only a man and a woman can produce a child, you are as bad as a racist!  Once again, folks, skin color is morally neutral, while sexual preferences are not.

The briefing also claims that attempts to change a homosexual inclination “usually doesn’t work and may even be harmful. Can produce feelings of depression, hopelessness, shame and anxiety. Some people become suicidal.”

That’s the work of Satan: “It is hard to stop sinning, so quit trying.”

Scagg’s presentation also addresses the issue of gender identity, stating: “Individuals are conscious of [sexual identity] between the ages of 18 months and 3 years. Most people develop a gender identity that matches their biological sex. For some, gender identity is different from biological sex (transsexuals).”

And, of course, they don’t stop to consider that maybe the physical part is right and the mental part is not.  They assume the mental part is right and the physical part is wrong (and the “Christians” would be blame God for getting the physical part wrong).

2 thoughts on “Your tax dollars at work”

  1. I can’t figure out what the USDA would be doing to change anyone’s sexual orientation or why they would even know anyone’s sexual orientation.

    I suppose they will be asking about my sexual orientation on the next agricultural census.


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